Turbosmart supports Team USA

With the Sierra Sierra Evo retired, The task of flying the Stars and Stripes at the World Time Attack Challenge has fallen on the shoulders of one Eric Hsu. Luckily, Eric’s shoulders are wide enough for the challenge and his working relationship with Cosworth USA could just be enough to bring the WTAC trophy back to the USA.

Eric’s decision to use the ex XS Engineering R32 GTR has no doubt earned him an undying gratitude from the legions of Nissan fans world-wide.

The car’s long history stretches back quite a few years to when the car was built on a reality TV show. The car then went on to win the one of the very first Redline Time Attack rounds at Fontana Speedway in 2006. The new car will be dressed in the ARK Design war paint and featuresĀ a Cosworth-built VQ35 turbo engine capable of producing 1000 horsepower.

Turbosmart USA have enjoyed a good relationship with Eric and Cosworth USA, as a sponsor of the Sierra Sierra Enterprises team, so we were quick to jump onboard with the ARK Design GTR. The car will use Turbosmart wastegates and fuel pressure regulator andĀ is rumoured to be driven by Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada at this year’s World Time Attack Challenge.

Read Eric’s detailed build diary on MotoIQ.