Turbosmart Time Attack Trifecta


Even with bushfires blocking major roads into Sydney the turnout for the 2013 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge was spectacular. With thousands of loyal time attack and drift fans flocking to Sydney Motorsport Park on their annual pilgrimage to see the best and the fastest cars in the world, it’s not hard to see why the event keeps growing in size and popularity.


The showdown between Nemo and Tilton was at the top of everyone’s lists. Two fastest time attack teams in the world battling it out for the ultimate title.


Nemo set the early pace with a 1:27.7080 lap run on low boost as the team were struggling with overheating issues. Unfortunately for Nemo, they weren’t able to fix the problem and after blowing two head gaskets they had to resign and watch helplessly as their title was slipping away.


Tilton on the other hand had a near-perfect run on both days. After some minor tweaks in practice the car came out flying and by Friday afternoon broke not only Nemo’s 2013 time but also the 2012 lap record. Screaming down the straight Garth Walden recorded a 1:24.85 lap putting the team in the WTAC history books and wrestling the title away from Nemo.


The perennial dark horse of the Pro Class – MCA Suspension once again suprised everyone by attacking hard in the afternoon sessions and relegating Nemo to the third spot with an amazing time of 1:27.36.


Under Suzuki driving the Scorch Racing S15 placed fourth outright despite improving on his 2012 time. It comes as no surprise that the four fastest cars at this year’s WTAC all use Turbosmart Products. Tilton Evo, Nemo Evo, MCA S13 and Scorch S15 are all Turbosmart equipped. Engineered to Win? You bet!


Another Turbosmart-equipped car was the Sutton Brothers Nissan S15. Competing in the Pro Am class the brothers placed second in class with a very quick time of 1:31.82.


This year also saw the launch of a brand new event at WTAC; the Turbosmart Flying 500. When we saw the event’s description we immediately jumped onboard as a naming sponsor. And why wouldn’t you – the concept is simple enough: rolling start, 500 metre sprint, fastest speed at the trap wins.

The Turbosmart Flying 500 proved to be a crowd favourite packing the grand stand with punters eager to watch a group of insane tuner cars tear down the main straight.


The winner, with a top speed of 252kph was Mick’s Motorsport’s Mitsubishi Evo IX.


Drift ace “Mad” Mike Whiddet drove PPRE’s wild six-rotor RX-4 down the 500 metres, and while he struggled with traction the whole way he was immensely popular with the fans. As were our promo-girls, Liz and Beccy.


To top it all off, our promo girl, Liz, was crowned Miss Time Attack. To say Turbosmart absolutely owned the 2013 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge would be an understatement!


Congratulations to Kosta, Garth and all the Tilton team for an amazing effort. These guys worked very hard all year and are well deserving of their title. See you next year!