Turbosmart UK’s Birthday Cars and Coffee – The Day That Was

It’s been a whole year since Turbosmart set up shop in the UK, and on Saturday 12 September, we celebrated by inviting a few friends over and firing up the barbie, in the true Aussie fashion. It was a fantastic morning with some of the UK’s fastest and coolest cars, awesome people and some tasty bacon butties. If you couldn’t make it out to Birmingham on the day, here’s what you missed!

The trailers started arriving early as the rain threatened. There was some serious horsepower arriving at the Turbosmart UK HQ.

David Rowe’s EPS Motorsport Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX RS made an impressive entrance, hatching out of its trailer like a raptor coming into the world with Pikes Peak already in its sights.

Marcin ‘Mad Pol’ Mucha’s 2JZ-powered Honda S2000 drifter may not have had arrived on an egg-like trailer, but it still commands presence with its wide body kit, towering wing and bright red wheels.

Also hardly a wallflower was RA Motorsports Developments‘ turbocharged Toyota GT86. Blue and purple make a striking combination on this tidy 330hp coupe.

Team Redmist graciously showed up with their Nissan S13 drift car, complete with a row of replacement tyres. We don’t know if they thought they’d be burning some rubber sliding around the warehouse, but we appreciated the level of preparedness.

There was a big entrance for one very famous Turbosmart-equipped car. Andy Frost’s Red Victor 3 was the world’s fastest street-legal car, up until very recently.

As the cars started to creep into the building, we were excited. There was already some very special metal here, so the scene was set for an awesome morning for our guests.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, however. The Red Victor 3 was supposed to have a very prominent place indoors and out of the weather. While it may be street legal, such an extreme vehicle is far from practical. We tried everything to get it up the small slope into the workshop, but the very low slung Victor just couldn’t make it. The whole front end was removed for a better departure angle and one final attempt.

No such luck however, and with tyres spinning, the Victor was declared beached and the warehouse off limits. The freshly painted car would have to face the Birmingham drizzle, but at least we got a chance to see what lives under that sleek front end.

As the crowds started to arrive, we fired up the barbie. We put an actual Australian in charge to keep the shrimps (well, bacon) coming.

With good classic food and all this shiny metal, we attracted a decent crowd. It was simply excellent to see so many people come and wish us a happy birthday.

Our barbeque with a view also raised a solid £117 for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity. Somehow, bacon just tastes better when it’s surrounded by horsepower.

Turbosmart coffee also gave everyone a bit of a boost. Heh.

Marcin ‘Mad Pol’ Mucha’s 2JZ S2000 pumps out around 850hp to the rear wheels, making it one seriously powerful Honda. We love that screamer pipe sticking out of the bonnet, connected to a Turbosmart wastegate.

Team Redmist’s S13 is also fresh off the British Drifting Championship. It’s still running an SR20, but it has been massaged to deliver 350hp.

The blue and purple theme continues under the bonnet of the RA Motorsports GT86. It’s a colour combo that’s seriously growing on us!

Under the bonnet of David Rowe’s Evo hid lots of Turbosmart goodies, and the amazing spaghetti of headers which race-prepped Evos always seem to get so right. This car helped Rowe take out second place in his class in the legendary Pikes Peak hillclimb, so it’s already had some very impressive achievements.

Outside the warehouse, there were still some very cool vehicles. Covered in drizzle under the grey Birmingham sky, Peron Automotive’s Nissan R35 GT-R reminds us of the everyday ability of these things. This is not a fragile supercar that will break if you look at it the wrong way, but it will still put many of Maranello’s finest to shame.

It wasn’t just high-horsepower modified sportscars that stole the show, either. This cheerful little Ford Thames pickup is the kind of car that makes you happy by just seeing it.

Another pickup, this one much newer, more powerful and, well, American, turned a few heads on the day. This massive Cummins turbo diesel-powered Dodge Ram from 4×4 Fabrication.co.uk was a pickup truck to fear.

As the event was wrapping up, the sun finally decided to make an appearance. Finally the Red Victor’s new paint job could really be given justice. It looks fantastic in the sunshine.

Turbosmart would like to thank everyone who came down to celebrate our birthday with us, and particularly those who brought their cars along too. A big shoutout goes to Team Redmist for their videography skills – you can see their take on the day’s action below.

Turbosmart UK 1st Birthday – Team Redmist from Redmist Media on Vimeo.