Turbosmart Wastegate Range Larger Than Ever

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NewWastegateGroupTurbosmart Offers the Most Comprehensive Wastegate Lineup in the World

Turbosmart has long offered a wide range of wastegates for most any application, but in the last few years, the wastegate lineup has increased dramatically.

The PRI launch of the wastegate valve position sensor cap made a splash, but at the time, the position sensor caps were only available for the ProGate 50 and PowerGate 60.  Just days ago, the wastegate valve position sensor caps were unveiled for the UltraGate 38, CompGate 40, and HyperGate 45.  All sensor caps are available as part of a complete wastegate, or as an additional piece, for customers who may have a Turbosmart wastegate already on their car that they’d like to upgrade.  Top drag racers around the world are using these wastegates to finely tune their boost control settings, ensuring they stay #EngineeredToWin.

Last year’s addition to the lineup, the HP (High Pressure) series wastegates are more popular than ever—achieving record sales and being used on diesel trucks, rotary engines, and high horsepower drag trucks alike.  Like the sensor caps, the HP caps are available as part of a complete wastegate, or as an additional upgrade.  Spring pressures in these wastegates can produce manifold pressures of 35 to 40 psi on spring pressure alone.

The HP caps are currently available for the UltraGate 38, the CompGate40, and the HyperGate45.

Sales continue to grow for the rest of the Turbosmart wastegate line as well, as we continue to  offer the standard wastegates in a 2-bolt flanged 38mm—the UltraGate 38, as well a full range of v-banded wastegates in 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, and 60mm sizes.

With 26 models of wastegates available, its easy to understand why Turbosmart is a leader in boost control technology.

For more information on the Turbosmart wastegate line, or to place an order, contact Kirstin Stone at sales@turbosmartusa.com, or 909-476-2570.