Turbosmart’s Award-Winning New Products Revealed at SEMA 2015

Turbosmart - Engineered to win

Turbosmart have taken the wraps off three brand new products at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The Pro-Gate50 Lite wastegate, Race Port Sensor Cap and the e-BoostHP electronic boost controller are three innovative new products developed by Turbosmart.

The e-BoostHP has already been recognised with awards from the judges and media at SEMA, being named the runner up in the ultra-competitive Best New Street/Performance product category, and taking home five Global Media Awards from publications around the world. The Pro-Gate50 Lite and Race Port Sensor Cap also each received a Global Media Award from Australia’s Performance Garage magazine.

Pro-Gate50 Lite External Wastegate 

The Pro-Gate50 Lite is a new external wastegate that combines big wastegate flow and performance in a compact package. This makes it perfect for kit builders and other applications where performance of a larger wastegate is required, but space for turbo components is at a premium.

With a 50mm valve size matched to a compact cap, the Pro-Gate50 Lite fits in the Turbosmart external wastegate lineup between the Hyper-Gate45 and the full-size Pro-Gate50.

The Pro-Gate50 Lite features Turbosmart’s precision-engineered wastegate body designed to have a superior flow path, improving the wastegate’s performance relative to its valve size. Its unique locking collar allows for quick spring changes, and a heat shielded, nomex-reinforced diaphragm for excellent heat resistance.

The Pro-Gate50 Lite takes up less engine bay real estate than similar flowing wastegates, making engine packaging simple, while its light weight makes it a great choice for racing applications where every ounce counts.

Race Port Sensor Cap

In the tuning and racing world, data is everything. Turbosmart’s new Race Port Sensor Cap adds revolutionary data-logging capabilities to our highest-flowing blow-off valve. The Sensor Cap enables the user to gain an insight into the blow-off valve’s behaviour under different engine operating conditions. This is the world’s first blow-off valve with valve position logging.

The Race Port Sensor Cap allows you to upgrade your existing (locking collar-style) Race Port Blow-Off Valve to obtain data via an analog position sensor. Compatible with a wide range of popular data loggers, the Race Port Sensor Cap is a highly versatile innovation in forced induction tuning.

Information such as blow-off valve reaction time, and valve position versus manifold pressure can be readily obtained thanks to the Sensor Cap. This data can in turn be used to maximise turbocharger performance.

Turbosmart’s Race Port Sensor Cap uses the same award winning technology as our wastegate sensor cap, providing a means to obtain and log data that until now was not so readily available.

e-BoostHP electronic boost controller

Already recognised by the SEMA judges and the world’s media with the SEMA Runner Up award for the Best New Street/Performance Product and five Global Media Awards, the e-BoostHP is an electronic boost controller capable of handling up to 120PSI of boost pressure with extreme precision. The e-BoostHP is able to manage six boost groups, which can be correlated to gear, RPM, or elapsed time, plus an auxiliary output such as methanol or nitrous injection.

The e-BoostHP features a new, very robust high-range MAP sensor design incorporating push lock fittings and high pressure hoses to ensure durability and relentless performance under a wide range of extreme boost pressures.

Sophisticated and technologically advanced, yet easy to use, the e-BoostHP’s new high-range MAP sensor, and cutting-edge boost control algorithms, allow the user to control a wider range of boost pressure.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, each of these new products continues Turbosmart’s commitment to quality and innovation.

The ProGate50 Lite, Race Port Sensor Cap and e-Boost HP will be available for purchase early 2016.