Watch a Turbosmart-equipped 3000HP Hummer tear up the sand

Steve Morris Engines is no stranger to the sort of lunatic-level high-horsepower builds that stretch the boundaries of what is possible, or sane.  After all, last time we spoke to Steve, he was working on a 4,000HP dyno because his multi-thousand horsepower engines were tearing lesser dynos to pieces.

One of his latest projects to hit the drag strip (well, the sand strip) is a 10-liter (615ci) supercharged big block Chevy-powered monster in the shape of an orange Hummer H1. To make that kind of power, Steve used two Turbosmart Race Port blow-off valves to handle the boost required to push that big block into those stratospheric power figures.

The Hummer runs on pure methanol and, with the boost turned to 11, produces about 3,000HP. Steve Morris worked his magic on the already-potent big block, adding a ProCharger supercharger, a dry sump oiling system, Holley EFI, coil-on-plug ignition, and of course, Turbosmart’s flagship Race Port BOVs.

The unique build belongs to Grant Fraysier, who has been using it to jump sand dunes and run on the sand drag strip at Santa Maria Speedway. You could easily use this Hummer as an earthmover, when it displaces this much sand.

Steve Morris Engines was responsible for the two top contenders for the “World’s Fastest Street Car” award last year, so he knows a thing or two about high-boost, high-horsepower applications. But, he also knows how to run insane horsepower reliably. His daily is a 1,200HP Chevy Trailblazer SS, stuffed full of Turbosmart gear.

We’re big fans of Steve Morris Engines, because they’re constantly building the most insane racing engines built anywhere in the world, and they all use Turbosmart gear. You can see Steve Morris Engines’ run through of the Hummer build right here.