Welcome to our new website!

As our company grows and our product range expands, our website needs to be kept up to date to adequately inform our dealers and customers about our new products and reflect the company’s philosophy of continual improvement. It is with these goals in mind that we have set out to completely re-design our website.

Our new website aims to help you find all the information about our products, our dealers as well as offer plenty of DIY advice. The guide below explains all the major areas of the new website and shows how to access them.

Take me to your Dealer!

Addressing your feedback, we have completely redesigned our Dealer Locator. To find your nearest Turbosmart Authorised Dealer, click on the Find a Dealer map in the right sidebar and then all you need to do is type in your post code or state/town and you’ll see all the local dealers on the map. Clicking on “Directions” next to the dealer listing will take you to Google Maps where you can type in your current position and a route will be plotted for you.

Stuff for Your Car
One of the most exciting features on our new website is the new Product Application Guide – aptly named “Stuff for Your Car”. Simply select your car’s make and model from the drop down menus and we’ll show you all the Turbosmart products that are suitable for your car. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Want to search all the product groups? Use the top drop-down menu under Products to navigate to individual items…

…or click on a product group icon to browse any group.

Turbosmart TV
One of our most popular sections! This is where you can access all our technical, DIY, promotional and motorsport videos. Over 100 videos just waiting to be watched.

Technical Articles
Every day we received numerous technical enquiries related not just to our products but to turbocharging and performance in general. In the Technical section of our website we address the most commonly asked questions and explain them in details.

Need to find something quick and can’t be bothered looking through the menus?
Use our search bar! Located on the bottom of the home page the search bar will help you locate any article on our website. We have tagged all our articles with relevant keywords so you can find anything you want in the shortest time possible.

Need to download the latest user manual or fitting instructions?
Look no further – simply click on the Instructions and Downloads link on the top menu bar and voila – it’s all there for the taking!

Follow Us
We are very active on our social networks, so make sure you LIKE our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for all the latest news, competitions and give-aways.

Have Your Say
We value your opinions, we really do! Afterall, your feedback was instrumental in redesigning this website – so let us know what you think of it. Click on the Poll Questions localted on the right sidebar.

Need Help?
Okay, so you’ve read all the technical articles and watched all the DIY videos but you still can’t figure out how to adjust the overboost shutdown on your e-Boost2. Head straight to our Technical Forums and post your question there. The forum is open 24/7 and is full of knowledgeable folk more than happy to help you out. Chances are – your question has already been answered once or twice!