Winning Under Pressure: NEW ProGate-50 Lite High Pressure Wastegates

Turbosmart - Engineered to win

Following the success of the brand new ProGate-50 Lite, Turbosmart has followed up with a high-pressure version. The ProGate-50 Lite HP is the largest wastegate in Turbosmart’s high-pressure range, with a 50mm valve size.

Like all of Turbosmart’s HP external wastegate range, which includes the 38mm UltraGate, 40mm CompGate and 45mm HyperGate, the ProGate-50 Lite HP features a specially engineered cap, designed to effectively control extreme boost pressures. With a base pressure of 35 PSI (2.4 bar), the ProGate-50 Lite HP is ideal for heavily boosted turbo diesel and drag racing applications.

And despite this heavy-duty performance, the ProGate-50 HP Lite maintains the compactness and lightness for which Turbosmart’s wastegates are renowned. The HP is only 28mm taller than the standard ProGate-50 Lite. This means that big boost doesn’t require big space.

A HP conversion kit is also available, so owners of the ProGate-50 Lite can upgrade their existing wastegate to full HP specification.

Part numbers and pricing:
TS-0502-1301 – ProGate-50 Lite HP 35 PSI – Blue | For pricing and more info, click here.

TS-0502-1302 – ProGate-50 Lite HP 35 PSI – Black | For pricing and more info, click here.