Product Update: NEW Gauges and Blow-Off Valve Controller Kits for Turbo Diesels

Catering to the growing 4×4 and diesel market, Turbosmart has developed a range of new high-accuracy stepper motor-type gauge kits and electronic blow-off valve controllers, to allow owners to get more reliable performance from their tuned turbo diesel vehicles.

Electric Gauge Kits

Boost Only Gauge

Part number: TS-0701-1011

Traditional boost gauges designed for petrol-powered vehicles measure from vacuum to boost, however since diesel engines do not produce vacuum, a whole section of these gauges goes unused when installed in a diesel vehicle. By removing the vacuum measurement and measuring boost only from 0 to 30PSI, the gauge has better resolution, giving greater accuracy and a cleaner look.

Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)

Part number: TS-0701-2011

EGTs are extremely important to monitor for the longevity of a tuned turbo diesel vehicle. EGT indicates how ‘hot’ the combustion process is inside the cylinders, which is directly related to air-fuel ratios. Excessive EGTs can cause excessive damage to the turbo and engine if left unchecked. Turbosmart’s EGT gauge measures from 400 to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit, with Celcius versions coming soon. The kit includes a thermocouple to be installed into the exhaust in order to obtain a temperature reference for the gauge.

Transmission Temperature

Part number: TS-0701-3011

While turbo diesel engines are usually capable of significant performance increases when tuned, it’s easy to forget the impact this extra power and torque has on the vehicle’s transmission – especially if the vehicle is used for towing or off roading. Turbosmart’s Transmission Temperature Gauge includes a temperature sensor to be installed in the transmission, so you’ll be able to catch an overheating transmission before any damage is done.

Blow-Off Valve Controller Kits

Turbosmart’s blow-off valve controller kits have long been one of the only ways to fit a fully functional blow-off valve to a turbo diesel vehicle. Now, the range has been expanded with three new blow-off valve options, to suit a variety of applications and price ranges.

How do they work?

Since diesel engines don’t produce vacuum, they can’t run traditional blow-off valves. Despite this, many turbo diesels still experience compressor surge – the turbo continues to try to force air when the driver backs off the throttle due to inertia, but it has nowhere to go except back through the compressor wheel, due to engine deceleration. Turbosmart’s BOV controller is a solution that uses a throttle position sensor and a solenoid to operate the blow-off valve when the driver backs off the throttle, venting air pressure and preventing compressor surge.

These kits are universal, so they will work with just about any turbo diesel vehicle. They will require some welding and fabrication.

What are the new additions?

Big Bubba Kit

Part number: TS-0304-1009

For when size matters! Our largest blow-off valve, this is ideal for heavy duty applications – large diesel engines running big boost pressures.

Type 5 Supersonic Kit

Part number: TS-0304-1005

A mid size valve for mildly modified engines.

Kompact Kit


A compact blow-off valve, perfect for small capacity turbo diesels and applications where space is limited.

How much are they?

TS-0701-1011 – Boost Only Gauge Kit – click here.

TS-0701-2011 – EGT Gauge Kit – click here.

TS-0701-3011 – Transmission Temperature Gauge Kit – click here.

TS-0304-1005 – Type 5 BOV Controller Kit – click here.

TS-0304-1006 – Kompact BOV Controller Kit – click here.

TS-0304-1009 – Big Bubba BOV Controller Kit  – click here.