Product Update: Turbosmart’s Boost Reference Adapter range

Turbosmart has developed a range of Boost Reference Adapter (BRA) kits for a variety of late model turbocharged petrol and diesel vehicles. These kits are designed to provide access to a reliable vacuum/boost reference source in vehicles with solenoid-controlled turbocharger accessories.

Why did we make them?

Many modern turbocharged vehicles have opted for solenoid-controlled wastegates and blow-off valves in order to achieve the best possible emissions and economy numbers. Unfortunately, these systems can limit performance, and prevent owners from running traditional vacuum-operated components, such as blow-off valves or boost gauges. Previously, the only ways to obtain a vacuum source on such vehicles involved destructive methods, such as tapping into the manifold. Turbosmart’s BRAs are a plug-and-play solution that can be easily reversible, if needed.

What do they do?

Depending on the application, Turbosmart’s Boost Reference Adapters either mount via the car’s existing MAP sensor, placing a billet block between the OEM sensor and it’s mounting flange, or via another system in the engine bay where a manifold pressure reference can be obtained. With multiple ports providing access to a manifold pressure source, the BRA is a versatile solution that still retains the OEM MAP sensor function without obstruction.

What cars do they fit?

We have a number of different kits for the following vehicles (Make/Model – Part Number):

  • Ford Fiesta EcoBoost/ST – TS-0720-1003
  • Ford Mustang EcoBoost – TS-0720-1004
  • Ford Ranger 3.2 Turbo Diesel – TS-0720-1001
  • Mazda BT-50 3.2 Turbo Diesel – TS-0720-1001
  • VW Golf GTI/R – TS-0720-1002

The following applications will be available soon:

  • Mini Cooper 1.6T (R56) – TS-0720-1006
  • Nissan Navara/Patrol ZD30 3.0 Turbo Diesel  – TS-0720-1008
  • Nissan Patrol TD42 4.2 Turbo Diesel – TS-0720-1009
  • Renault Clio RS 1.6T – TS-0720-1006
  • VW Mk7 Golf GTI/R 2.0T – TS-0720-1010

What makes them great?

With a precision-machined billet aluminium construction, Turbosmart’s BRAs are durable and fit perfectly.

The BRA has two ports, which can be used for any vacuum operated accessories, including Internal Wastegate Actuators, blow-off valves and boost gauges.

How much are they?

These BRA kits have an RRP of $54.99 (incl. GST).

When can I buy one? 

Right now. Order by calling us on (02) 9740 2866 or by email to

2 thoughts on “Product Update: Turbosmart’s Boost Reference Adapter range

  1. Hey guys,
    To suit px ranger 3.2 manuel, along with a waste gate what sort of money would i be looking at? And what would be needed for the whole setup?
    Would the ute need a remap afterwoods to accept the external waste gate and not throw fault codes?
    What sort of results have you had from rangers?
    Cheers, josh.

    • Hi Josh.

      The PX Rangers use a VNT turbo and an electronic actuator rather than a traditional pneumatic wastegate actuator, and as such there is no real scope to replace the actuator with an aftermarket version.

      Your best bet would be to get the vehicle dyno tuned by a reputable diesel performance workshop, and they’d likely be able to recommend supporting mods that would be the best benefit for the Ranger. The Boost Reference Adapter described here is a great way to keep an eye on actual boost levels, which can be especially important if the boost has been increased.

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