e-Boost 2

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White with Black: e-Boost 2 60mm TS-0301-1014

Black with Silver: e-Boost 2 60mm TS-0301-1002

Black: e-Boost 2 60mm TS-0301-1003

White with Silver: e-Boost 2 60mm TS-0301-1001

White with Black: e-Boost 2 66mm TS-0301-1005

Black with Silver: e-Boost 2 66mm TS-0301-1013

Black: e-Boost 2 66mm TS-0301-1011

White with Silver: e-Boost 2 66mm TS-0301-1004

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Now standard with 60psi max boost operating pressure!

e-Boost2 is a second generation complete Boost Management System. With market-leading features and and state-of-the-art software, e-Boost2 is the one accessory all owners of turbocharged cars should have! Easy to use, yet sophisticated and technologically advanced, the e-Boost2 is equally at home in a street-going vehicle as it is in a top-level racecar.

e-Boost2 allows the user to control, monitor, map and compensate boost. But e-Boost2 is a lot more than just a boost controller – it can also control water spray, methanol or nitrous injection, manage shift/warning lights and read/monitor RPM. While e-Boost2 is fitted with a state-of-the art software, it has been designed to be easy and logical to use.

Boost Levels: up to 6 levels of boost.
Boost on Demand: provides instant overtaking power at your fingertips
Gear-based Mapping: set a different boost for each gear!
Adjustable Boost Levels: program boost against TIME or RPM.
Aux Output: fully programmable; controls water spray, methanol or nitrous injection.
RPM Compensation: eliminates boost drop-off at high RPM.
Peak Hold/Max Boost Recall: monitors boost and RPM.
Gate Pressure: eliminates wastegate creep.
Overboost Shutdown: provides added protection for your engine .
Display: programmable, can be configured to KPA, Bar or PSI.
Auto Dimming: with backlit buttons for hassle free navigation.



Colour: Black / Black
Part Number: TS-0301-1003







Black / Silver
Part Number: TS-0301-1002







White / Silver
Part Number: TS-0301-1001






TRADITIONAL 66mm (2,5/8”)
Silver / Silver
Part Number: TS-0301-1004








TRADITIONAL 66mm (2,5/8”)
White / Black
Part Number: TS-0301-1005








TRADITIONAL 66mm (2,5/8”)
Black / Silver
Part Number: TS-0301-1013








TRADITIONAL 66mm (2,5/8”)
Black / Black
Part Number: TS-0301-1011





e-Boost 2


TRADITIONAL 66mm (2,5/8”)

e-Boost 2

Twin LED Ring 
Part Numbers: TS-0301-2006 (60mm), TS-0301-2017 (66mm)

DESCRIPTION: Houses two Shift/Warning lights (not included). Available in in silver and black.

APPLICATION: Fits all  for all Sport Compact and Traditional models. Optional LED lights available in four colours: Red, Green, Blue and Orange.
Red LED – TS-0301-2008, Green LED – TS-0301-2009, Blue LED – TS-0301-2010, Orange LED – TS-0301-2011



Dashboard/Windshield Mounting Kit 

Part Numbers: 
TS-0301-2001 (60mm)
TS-0301-2013 (66mm)

DESCRIPTION: Made from billet aluminium, generous range of vertical and horizontal adjustment.
APPLICATION: Suitable for all types of vehicles. Mounts to dashboards, A-pillars and windscreens using screws or adhesive supplied.
SUPPLIED WITH: All screws and adhesive base to make installing easy.



Roll Cage Mount

Part Numbers:
TS-0301-2002 (60mm)
TS-0301-2014 (66mm)

DESCRIPTION: Made from billet aluminium, generous range of vertical and horizontal adjustment.

APPLICATION: Fits diameters from 1,1/2” to 1,5/8”. Ideal for all race applications.

SUPPLIED WITH: Swivel mount and two roll cage clamps.


Solenoid Kits

Part Numbers:
TS-0301-2003 (4-port Solenoid)

DESCRIPTION: Replacement Solenoid Kit for e-Boost2.

APPLICATION: Suits all e-Boost2 models.

SUPPLIED WITH: 3-port Solenoid, fittings and a mounting bracket. 4-port Solenoids also available.

e-Boost 2