Team XXX at the 2012 Honda Day

Team XXX’s RSX is tuned and back on a race track. Here is the report as filed by the team.

It’s been a long winter and it feels great to get back to racing! We got the RSX tuned, made 600whp @ 21psi and took it out for some testing two weeks prior to this event. Brand new turbo setup and a re-freshed engine along with a few more goodies.

This 2012 Honda Day event had record high attendance for the Atco racetrack and a beautiful 80-85 degrees sunny day! We raced in the 10.50 Index class and ended up losing in the 2nd round. The RSX improved every run, but we are still trying to figure out traction issues we are having which should definitely get the car much closer the 10.50 number we need to run. Car ran 10.86, 10.84 and 10.82 at around 138mph.

The car got tons of exposure and turned lots of heads as it’s really the only RSX out there running some good times. Thank you for your help this year and in the past with parts for the RSX!