Turbosmart Warranty Return Policy
One Year Limited Warranty

Turbosmart is a company built on Customer Satisfaction and Service. This is the reason why all of our products go through strict and regimented test procedures before they are packaged and shipped. Turbosmart stands behind its products for one full year after purchase. Terms of Warranty, Service and Returns are as follows:

Limited Warranty: Turbosmart warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and if properly installed for a period of one year from date of purchase. If found to be defective, it will be replaced or repaired if returned prepaid along with proof of date of purchase. This shall constitute the sole remedy of the purchaser and the sole liability of Turbosmart to the extent permitted by law, the foregoing is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties or representations whether expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness. In no event shall Turbosmart be liable for special or consequential damages. This warranty is only valid on products purchased from Turbosmart Authorized Dealers and/or Distributors.

Service: After the warranty period has expired, repair service is charged based on a minimum and maximum charge rate. (Contact Customer Service for current rate).

Returns: When returning a Turbosmart product for repair, it must be accompanied by a completed Customer Warranty Form, RMA number, and purchase receipt. To access the Customer Warranty Form, please go to our website www.turbosmartusa.com and you will find the Customer Warranty Form on the Downloads page.

Making a warranty claim
Most issues are the result of end users not reading the Instructions or failing to install the Turbosmart product as directed. However, sometimes it may be necessary to make a Warranty Claim.

To make a warranty claim, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Customer calls supplier for support.
    1. If supplier can help customer (highly encouraged) – issues resolved
    2. If supplier cannot help the customer, supplier to direct customer to call Turbosmart at +61 2 9740 2866 for tech support
    3. Supplier to also contact Turbosmart and obtain RMA number in case warranty return is necessary.
  2. If Turbosmart is un-able to help the customer achieve a satisfactory result, Turbosmart will tell the customer to download a Customer Warranty form from www.turbosmart.com.au/instructions-downloads, contact supplier for the assigned RMA#, complete Customer Warranty Form, and send product to Turbosmart as directed on the Customer Warranty Form.
  3. Once product is received at Turbosmart, it will be inspected and the customer will be contacted directly for further resolution.
  4. Supplier has no further responsibility or involvement.

Customer Warranty Form
Turbosmart Pledge

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