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FuelPressure Regulators

The installation of performance fuel injectors or a high-flow fuel pump requires the use of an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator to allow pressure adjustments while maintaining a stable base pressure. They can also be used to maximise a standard fuel system’s ability to cope with minor power modifications. Tubrosmarts range of Fuel Pressure Regulators, Fuel Rail Adaptors and Fuel Filters are precision designed to drive maximum efficiency and fuel handling capabilities for the modern performance engine.

Fuel Pressure Regulators

Turbosmart’s High-performance EFI fuel pressure regulator is smaller, lighter and better! Now featuring port sizes from 1/8” NPT to -6AN and -8AN, 30-90 PSI base pressure adjustment, 1:1 ratio, premium diaphragm and stainless steel valve + seat allow for ANY fuel type including E85. FPR’s feature a non-directional bias to regulation, so no matter where the fuel comes in they will regulate the same.

Fuel Filters

The range of billet fuel filters provides the perfect accompaniment to Turbosmart’s Fuel Pressure regulators. They are available in three sizes to suit different fuel systems and FPRs, with -6AN, -8AN and -10AN fitting sizes.

Fuel Rail Adapters 

Fuel rail adaptors are designed for connection of your FPR to your fuel system when your standard regulator is mounted on the fuel rail. With the standard regulator removed, install a fuel rail adaptor in place of the stock regulator and use EFI fuel hose to connect to your remotely mounted FPR.

Spares and Accessories

Looking for spare parts or serviceable items for your Turbosmart product? Look no further. We carry everything to get ensure that your Turbosmart part is always running at its peak performance. Turbo seal constant tension clamps and additional springs specially designed to work with your Turbosmart products.