November 7, 2019 Products

The Day Boost Control Changed Forever: Turbosmart unveils Straight-Gate50

Turbosmart breaks away from tradition & unveils Straight-Gate50 at SEMA 2019. Featuring a 50mm valve, full electronic control with the highest flow of any wastegate currently available on the market.

More flow from less valve & less weight: Smaller, lighter, faster!

Traditional Wastegate theory has been confined to ‘poppet style’ valves, which while have been the aftermarket industry norm for decades. The Team at Turbosmart wanted a ground up way to build the world’s most efficient & high flowing wastegate and wanted the scope to do it with a little more design freedom: Enter Turbosmart’s Straight-Gate50

The Turbosmart Straight-Gate 50 features on-board valve position sensor and full ‘travel’ can be achieved in just 125mS. Utilizing V-band flanges, mounting options of this system are truly infinite. The gate can be rotated 360 degrees on the V-Band and the actuating system too, features full 360 degree mounting meaning your options, even in the tightest of engine bays are endless.