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NEW! Polaris RZR Turbo Performance Upgrades Available NOW!

Introducing NEW Turbosmart performance upgrades for the 2016+ Polaris RZR Turbo and Turbo S UTVs! Available upgrades include the Turbosmart IWG75 Internal Wastegate Actuator and Kompact Series Dual Port Blow-off Valve! Proudly engineered and manufactured in Australia and shipping globally NOW! 

About the Polaris RZR Turbo

For those who are new to the world of off-road recreation, the Polaris RZR is a UTV (Utility-Terrain Vehicle), commonly known as a ‘Side-by-Side’, and sometimes referred to as ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) in some markets. These fun and agile vehicles are produced by an American manufacturer Polaris, who are also well known for their motorcycles, snowmobiles and ATV’s. The RZR Turbo was introduced in 2016 with a 925cc, 168HP 4 Stroke DOHC engine that is mated to a switchable 2WD / 4WD driveline for maximum off-road capability! 

IWG75 Upgrade – (Part # TS-0631-1051)

Regulating boost levels is crucial to ensure the best of both driveability and longevity in any turbocharged engine! The Turbosmart IWG75 Internal Wastegate Actuator is a direct-fit performance upgrade for your turbocharged RZR Turbo! The IWG75 is a significant upgrade over the factory actuator that vastly improves boost handling and torque delivery, putting your RZR on boost sooner while keeping boost levels linear throughout the RPM range! For those looking to turn up the boost, Turbosmart IWG75 actuators share their DNA with our motorsports proven GenV line of external wastegates! 

IWG75 Features Include:

  • Modular billet aluminium construction
  • Rotating locking collar for easy spring changes and a tight even seal
  • Silicone Nomex diaphragm capable of withstanding 220PSI of pressure
  • Available 3-26 PSI Springs (Ships with a 5psi spring)

Kompact BOV Upgrade – (Part # TS-0203-1069)

In harsh off-road environments, your RZR needs to be running at peak performance! Don’t trust the plastic factory bypass valve to reliably regulate boost pressure! The Turbosmart Kompact series Blow-off Valve features billet aluminium construction ensuring bullet-proof reliability and performance for the long haul. Turbosmart Kompact valves feature a high-flow 28mm piston that prevents compressor surge, improves boost handling, and optimizes overall response. This is achieved through our boost-balance piston technology for superior response and a tight seal! 

Available in our “Dual-Port” configuration (50% Recirculation/50% Vent-to-atmosphere) to give you optimal flow and blow-off sound!

Kompact Dual Port Blow-off Valve features include:

  • Dual Port Design (50% Recirculation/50% Vent-to-atmosphere)
  • High-Flow 28mm Piston
  • Modular Billet aluminium construction
  • Dry-synthetic filter included to keep dirt and debris out!

Both the Kompact Dual Port blow-off valve and IWG75 Internal Wastegate Actuator are direct replacements for the factory parts, with no customization required and are fully reversible.

Upgraded IWG Actuator

Polaris RZR IWG

Upgraded Kompact BOV

Polaris RZR BOV

Frequently Asked Questions?

Do I need to disassemble the factory diverter valve?

No, you just need to remove the factory valve completely & fit the Turbosmart Kompact Valve in its place – No fiddly bits. 

How does a BOV provide more performance?

Simple: These won’t leak when others will & are built for more boost than you can make. Also, they’re purpose-built for this application to provide maximum throttle response are generally closed until needed to open (unlike other valves) that are usually open until required to close. The positive sealing O-ring system combined with Turbosmar’s boost-balance technology means no matter how much boost you feed it, we’ve got even more holding the valve shut…

Will these bolt straight on?

Yes: Both the blow-off valve and actuators are bolt-on components. While the actuator requires you to observe the instructions and setup pre-load on the rod, this quite a simple and well-documented process – IF you’re unsure, please ask – we’re always happy to help

How Does an Upgrade Actuator Make More Power?

Leverage and Control: The large surface area of the upgraded Turbosmart actuators mean even for an identical peak boost level, we can give you more boost before peek boost & more across the top end of the RPM range where efficiency starts to drop & boost is harder to come by. The improved leverage of our diaphragm and spring combination is like using a longer tire iron on your lug nuts – easier & with more control and this means more boost throughout the rev range!

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