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How Do You Get and Retain Sponsorship?

Turbosmart Sponsorship

Turbosmart Sponsorship

This article aims to clear up any confusion and misconceptions about the sponsorship process. Also, answer any questions you might have about applying for Turbosmart Sponsorship. Every day, performance parts manufacturers get tonnes of mail requesting various levels of sponsorship. Unfortunately, for the applicants, most of them end up in the “rejected” basket. Turbosmart’s Marketing Manager sheds some light on the issue of sponsorship and offers some useful insights and advice for potential applicants.

Give Me Some Free Stuff!

Sadly, that’s the main message of a large percentage of, consequently rejected, sponsorship enquiries as every business-savvy person will tell you that there’s no such thing as a “freebie”, and a Sponsorship is no exception. Just like any other business agreement, Sponsorship has to be beneficial to both parties.

Three Magic Letters – ROI

Every manager in charge of sponsorships will have to, at some point, account for every sponsorship dollar spent, be it in the form of product or cash. The amount of publicity/branding/interest the sponsorship has generated has to be reflected in sales – the value of these sales over the initial sponsorship value is what we call Return On Investment or ROI.

It’s A Two-way Street!

This is the most important yet often overlooked aspect of any sponsorship deal. The principle of “something-for-something” is a simple one, and once understood and applied, will go a long way towards securing a sponsorship deal.

How Does it Work?

A sponsor provides the sponsored driver with goods/money. A sponsored driver, in turn, provides his services to the value of the goods/money received. The benefits from exposure/publicity are shared between the sponsored driver and the sponsor.

Think of it as a loan from a bank. Since you know the bank will provide you with the funds, you need to achieve your goals. In turn, you must repay the loan over a specified period, plus any interest accrued.

Your Sponsor is Like The Bank

They invest in you and your goals. You have to repay that loan in services that you provide – Which is why we ask you for things like:

  • Signage on your car.
  • Signage in your pit area.
  • Listings on your website.
  • Credits in the magazines.
  • Mentions and endorsements during race meet and shows.
  • Being available for product launches.
  • Monthly updates with photos, etc.

The best part of the deal is that the interest accrued that you would normally have to pay to the Bank is actually a profit shared between the sponsor and yourself. That profit is publicity that you receive from winning races, shows, being featured in magazines etc. By increasing your profile, you also increase the brand awareness of your sponsor’s products – hence the benefits are shared by both parties.

Still Unsuccessful!

At this point, some of you might think – my application followed all those rules, and still, it was unsuccessful. There might be a good reason for that, and one that can be easily avoided with a little bit of homework. Before submitting your application, do some research. Find out what companies are active in your type of motorsport, who they sponsor and why their expectations are.

Every Company Wants to Sponsor Winners

It’s because they have the highest profiles, get the most publicity etc. But sponsoring someone who is No.1 is difficult – they’re already sponsored and expensive – the best demand the highest rates. So smart sponsors seek out up, and coming drivers with the potential to be future champions and secure the deal before they reach that No.1 spot. It is important to consider this when applying for sponsorship. For example, approaching a company that is a major sponsor of a current champion will most likely end up in disappointment simply because there’s nothing you can offer them that they are not already getting from their champion. A much smarter move would be to approach a competing company and offer them a chance to be a part of the team that might knock the reigning champion off his perch within a season or two.

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Here is a Quick List of Things That Can Make OR Break a Successful Sponsorship Deal.

Remember, it’s a two-way street, and both parties need to benefit from the relationship.

When Submitting a Proposal

  1. ALWAYS address it to the right person – marketing, sponsorship or pr manager; otherwise, your application might end up in the short-term disposable filing system (rubbish bin).
  2. DO submit a professional-looking proposal outlining all the benefits to the sponsor.
  3. PLEASE specify where and how you want to display the sponsor’s logos and signage.
  4. DO mention any past projects you’ve completed or raced. It gives the sponsor an idea as to your commitment and success ratio.
  5. MAKE SURE to provide references from other sponsors.
  6. DO provide a detailed plan of the vehicle build-up and race/show attendance, but…
  7. NEVER make it too long. Nobody is going to read a proposal that’s more than ten pages long.
  8. DO NOT approach two competing companies for sponsorship on the same car.
  9. PLEASE DON’T promises things you can’t deliver. If you promise to attend all the race meetings in a given season and your car is not ready at the beginning of the season, you’ve effectively defaulted on the deal.

During Your Sponsorship Period

  1. DO fulfil all your obligations. Whenever you’re in the public eye you’re representing your sponsors as well as yourself.
  2. ENSURE all your team members and pit crew are aware of the sponsorship requirements.
  3. It's IMPORTANT; you provide your sponsors with all your race results, images, video footage and media articles on a regular basis. They need these to use in their advertising, promotions etc.
  4. ALWAYS keep in contact with your sponsors during the season, you might get introduced to other potential sponsors but….
  5. DON’T approach a company for sponsorship while you’re sponsored by their competitor.
  6. DO NOT change/move your sponsors’ signage without their prior knowledge.
  7. DON’T try to renegotiate your deal half-season just because you’ve won a couple of races.
  8. NEVER bad-mouth your sponsors publicly. If you have a problem, sort it out with the sponsor directly. Remember other potential sponsors are watching your actions and will base their future sponsorship decisions on what they see.

To sum up, I hope the above clears up some confusion and misconceptions about the sponsorship process. Also, I hope we have addressed any questions you may have had about Turbosmart Sponsorship.

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Turbosmart Marketing Manager