FPR2000 Fuel Pressure Regulator Suit -8AN (Blue) (SUPERSEDED)

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THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED AND IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Refer, instead FPR6 Fuel Pressure Regulator Suit -8AN (Blue).

Turbosmart’s FPR2000 is a motorsport-proven fuel pressure regulator that supports up to 2000HP fuel systems. With a Stainless Steel valve and seat, MILSPEC diaphragm and industry-leading 1:1 fuel ratio control, there’s no application too harsh for the FPR2000. Available in Black, Blue, Red and Purple, the FPR200 is easily at home in a race application or modified street car.

Featuring two -8AN inlet ports, one -8AN return port and 1/8NPT gauge port, 30-90 PSI base pressure adjustment, 1:1 ratio, premium MILSPEC diaphragm and stainless steel valve + seat allows for ANY fuel type including E85 and is suitable for engines it with up to 2000hp fuel systems. Turbosmart FPRs feature a non-directional bias to regulation, so no matter where the fuel comes in, they will regulate the same.

3 x -8AN ports
1/8″ NPT gauge port
Capable of regulating up to 2000hp of fuel flow 
1:1 manifold pressure ratio with no load losses 
30-90psi base pressure range 
Stainless steel internals provide maximum integrity and reliability 
Suitable for all fuel types 
Operational between -35ºC to +200ºC 
MILSPEC diaphragm 
Pressure port 1/16 NPT with hose end nipple
Manufactured, assembled and Validated in-house at Turbosmart HQ

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