Gen4 ProGate50 Lite HP 35psi (Blue)

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This is a Gen4 External Wastegate and has been superseded by the Award Winning Turbosmart GenV Range of Modular External Wastegates: Click here to see the Turbosmart GenV Range of HP Wastegates

The Turbosmart Legacy Program ensures all previous generation products continue to be fully supported with Spares and Accessories. Actual product availability may continue well after official production ends so please call your dealer or distributor for more info. All Spares and Accessories can be found Here on our Website

The Turbosmart Gen4 HP Range of external wastegategate’s are designed with maximum pressure & flow in mind, while providing for previously unseen levels of base spring pressure, vie the unique HP actuator housing. Body wise, Still Smaller and lighter than any previous model, the Gen4 ProGate50 HP features Turbosmart’s unique locking collar design for reduced size and quicker spring changes. (Options from 10psi to 40psi available). Features Solid 1 Piece coated Stainless Steel Valve and silicon Nomex diaphragm proven for performance and reliability.

Available in
Black & Blue
Up to 40psi Base Spring Pressure
Standard & HP (High Pressure Version)

V-Band inlet & Outlet to suit 50mm fitment
Solid 1 Piece Coated Stainless Steel Valve
Silicon Nomex Diaphragm
1/16 NPT Reference Ports

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Gen4 (HP) External Wastegate Unit
Pre-fitted with Springs as Per Description
Gen4 Stainless Steel Valve Seat
Gen4 Inlet & Outlet V-Bands
Gen4 Inlet & Outlet Weld Flanges
Collar Tool
1/16" NPT Blacking Plugs
1/16" Nipples (5mm)


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