BOV Race Port Uni Supercharger Black (SUPERSEDED)

$322.17USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED AND IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Instead, refer TS-0204-1152 GenV RacePort (Black) Suit Supercharger.

The Race Port is an amazingly small and light BOV for supercharged competition level engines. Featuring our unique collar design and internal flow structures, it is 50% lighter and 25% smaller than the competition while flowing 330 CFM – making it the highest flowing BOV of its type on the market.
The supercharger-specific Race Port features a soft spring to stay open at idle when the supercharger is still producing a boost. 

- +
Raceport 50mm BOV
Vacuum fittings
V-band Assembly
Profiled Alloy Weld-On Fitting
Pink Spring Rated -4 InHg (installed)
Turbosmart Sticker

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