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Instruction Update Sheet  
E-Boost Street V1.04 40PSI  
Electronic boost controller  
The following functions have been updated on the V1.04 version of the E-Boost Street 40 PSI.  
ZEr (Gauge Zero)  
The e-Boost2 is factory calibrated to read zero at standard atmospheric pressure and temperature. The e-Boost2 is altitude  
compensated however a large change in temperature can cause the display to read slightly above or below zero even when there is  
zero pressure applied to the e-Boost2. This function allows you to re-zero the e-Boost2 display regardless of how much it is out by.  
IMPORTANT! Before using the zero function ensure there is no boost or vacuum pressure or trapped pressure in the e-boost  
hose before re-calibration.  
Pin (Security Pin number)  
The user or workshop can set a 3 digit password that will lock the boost menu, obS, SL, rSP, COR, dS, nSP, and CYL parameters for  
editing. The default code is 000 set from the factory. If the code has not been changed then the unit will be fully accessible and  
everything will be available for editing. As soon a different value is entered under the PIn parameter in the setup menu this will be the  
new password.  
Once a password has been set under PIN in the setup menu pressing mode and down to access the boost menu will bring up a 3 digit  
prompt (triple zeros) where a PIN must be entered correctly to enter the boost group and unlock the unit.  
Once a password has been configured the obS, CYL, SL, rSP, COR, dS, nSP, in the setup menu will be masked and not available for  
editing. To unmask these parameters go to the PIn parameter and enter the current password to unlock the setup parameters for  
editing. Alternatively enter the correct PIN in the boost group prompt and the entire unit will be unlocked until the PIN is re-entered in the  
PIN parameter to re-lock the unit.  
Applying the factory reset will reset the code and reset all stored values to the factory defaults. This function enables workshops or  
tuners to lock their setup against tampering. Returning the PIN to 000 will de-activate the password protection.