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BOV Kompact EM F150  
BOV Kompact EM F150  
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V1.00 Rev A  
Turbosmart accepts no responsibility whatsoever for incorrect installation of this product which is potentially hazardous and can cause serious  
engine damage or personal injury.  
The EM series BOV is designed for use as a factory replacement for a turbocharger that utilises an electronic diverter valve, this valve can be  
used on other applications as long as there is a control signal to actuate the BOV.  
Ensure the engine is cold prior to installation.  
- Turbosmart recommends that your Blow off valve (BOV) is fitted by an appropriately qualified technician  
Please check that the following items have been provided in your EM Series BOV packaging  
Turbosmart EM Series BOV  
Mounting Brackets  
Main unit  
Mounting BOV to intercooler x 2 Model dependent  
Block off OEM plumb back hose  
Turbosmart sticker  
Plumb back block off  
Turbosmart Sticker  
Figure 1 - Kit Contents  
Turbosmart has developed a unique “plug and play” diverter valve (or bypass valve) upgrade for your vehicle that is currently equipped  
with an electronic diverter valve. While we have developed this unit to be as simple as possible for you to install, we have not  
compromised on performance. This unit will not leak under elevated boost pressures and will still provide you with rapid response  
ensuring that all the OEM calibration strategies are not interfered with, providing you with maximum boost performance while the  
advanced strategies of the OEM’s are retained.  
The EM series BOV is available in two configurations, Dual Port and Plumb Back. The functionality of the BOV is still the same, there  
is no performance difference between the two units, it is a personal preference if the user wishes to utilise a classic vent to atmosphere  
sound or revert all bypass gasses back into the inlet tract of the turbocharger.  
As the valve is completely controlled by the factory engine control unit, the factory diverter valve is almost silent, due to our  
construction, it is possible that your EM series will be much more audible. By being able to hear the unit actuate, occasionally the  
valve may be opening for a few seconds under the following events such as traction control, cruise control management, rapid  
gearchanges and varying throttle position changes, these are all coded as part of the torque management software in the OEM engine  
control unit, there is no adjustment available over these functions via our product. By hearing these events, it is not abnormal, it is  
completely normal for the EM series BOV to be considered “very active” as it is protecting your turbocharger from surge events or  
bypassing air for torque management purposes.  
Electronic Actuator  
Control Signal Plug  
Connect to BOV Control  
Controls when the valve opens,  
and closes based on OEM  
Vent to Atmosphere Port  
Only on “Dual Port” Models)  
Vents excess air to  
Inlet Port  
Boost pressure from the Intercooler  
enters BOV from this port.  
Two mounts are supplied for both  
options for intercooler.  
Blanking Plate  
Blanking plate used if vent to  
atmosphere is not required.  
Figure 2 - EM Series BOV Overview  
Removing Circulation Hose from OE Valve.  
Identify Diverter Valve Location  
The recirculation hose below needs the grey collar to be  
rotated in the direction of the arrow. Once rotated the tabs  
will move up and the part can be separated by pulling apart.  
On the 13th Generation Ford F Series Truck (P552) the  
diverter valve is located on the intercooler on the twin turbo  
model. This is located at the front of the car in the lower grill  
portion. It is accessible from the bottom of the car.  
Removing the Undertray  
Remove the under-tray of the vehicle by removing all the  
plastic clips holding the tray in place. Once the under-tray is  
removed, the intercooler assembly can be accessed.  
Remove Intercooler Piping  
Undo the bolts securing the intercooler cross member to  
remove the intercooler from the vehicle. The Intercooler  
undertray is held on with 2 x 15mm bolts.  
The intercooler piping is held on with a quick release  
clip. As well as a 7mm hose clamp, once these are  
removed the pipe can be wiggled free.  
The Turbo feed charge pipe also need to be removed.  
These are also held on with 7mm hose clamps.  
Remove Diverter Valve Chamber  
The chamber is held on at the top of the intercooler  
with 1 x 8mm self-taping screw. Once removed the  
chamber is free to be removed.  
Remove Diverter Valve Plug  
Removing the plug is done by simply pushing down  
waiting for the click and removing the plug by pulling  
The chamber pictured below can be removed, the  
chamber is simply rotated anti clockwise and it will  
uncouple from the intercooler.  
Mounting Turbosmart BOV  
Refitting BOV/Intercooler to car  
We can install the Turbosmart BOV now the intercooler is  
removed from the car. The BOV is supplied with a  
recirculation silicone hose. The longer end of the silicone  
hose is fitted to the BOV and the recirculation hose  
connector is pre fitted to the shorter end. Use the supplied  
hose clamps on the silicone hose. It is advised to leave the  
clamps loose while installing to ensure everything is correctly  
With everything fitted back to the intercooler we can fit the  
intercooler back into the car. It’s helpful to use the intercooler  
bracket to assist with the intercooler to remain in place.  
The turbo feed pipes as well as charge pipe to the throttle  
body must be refitted, the charge pipe needs an audible click  
to sound from the retention clip.  
The two 7mm hose clamps must be correctly clamped.  
The alignment of the BOV is important. The BOV can screw  
in with two directions. The recirculation port must face  
towards the intercooler as pictured above.  
The mount that holds the valve comes in two options. The  
most suitable one needs to be used. The Smaller right  
angled one pictured is for the small version intercooler. We  
must use a M3 Allen key to attach to the BOV  
The recirculation pipe must be fitted ensuring the connector  
clips and locks into place, at this point we should tighten up  
any loose hose clamp to ensure that we have correct  
orientation of the recirculation pipe  
Refitting Undertray  
Refit Undertray with the 2 x 15mm bolts that were  
moved to originally gain access to the Diverter valve  
Finalising your Install  
It is important to check for leaks and correct operation as well  
as listening for compressor surge. This noise is the sound of  
the boost pressure air running back into the turbo causing  
Refitting Electrical Connector  
Now the car can be taken for a test drive in a safe  
environment and listen for the correct operation and that no  
turbo charger surge occurs  
Plug in Connector ensuring that a positive and  
audible click is heard with the connector to ensure that it is  
locked in place.  
Remove Your EM series BOV  
Failure to ensure O-rings are seated correctly may lead to  
cutting of an O-Ring and unexpected results from the EM  
series BOV  
Remove the electronic plug from the EM series BOV and  
remove the BOV from the vehicles  
Slowly insert the new actuator while turning in a clockwise  
Cosmetic engine covers may be required to be removed  
prior to the assembly being visible.  
The turbocharger assembly may require the vehicle to be  
raised on a hoist or jacked up and secured using vehicle  
jack stands, ensure your safety is not compromised.  
Remove Electronic Actuator from your EM  
series BOV  
Using a 11mm open end wrench in the flat sides of the  
solenoid, undo the actuator in an anti-clockwise direction  
when viewed from the end. Ensure the wrench is placed on  
the metallic portion of the flats and not on the plastic cover.  
Tighten the new solenoid into the EM series BOV ensuring the  
wrench is on the metallic portion of the solenoid.  
Tightening the solenoid on the plastic cover may result in  
unrepairable damage to the solenoid.  
Mount your EM Series BOV  
Reinstall the BOV  
Once the valve has been mounted, connect the electrical plug  
into the OEM factory plug or into BOV controller and secure  
the wiring safely away from a heat source.  
Ensure the cavity is free from debris using avoiding shifting dirt  
into the passages.  
Install New Electronic Actuator into your  
EM series BOV  
Congratulations, your EM Series BOV is installed and ready  
for use. Double check all electrical connections and mounting  
Ensure the O-rings on your new actuator are correctly seated  
BOV not actuating - Confirm electrical signal plug is connected appropriately, as the plugs are new, some force may be  
required to click the plug into place.  
Valve is staying open Confirm the valve has O-rings as they may have been dropped or lost during installation  
Boost pressure loss or lower than before - Confirm the valve has O-rings as they may have been dropped or lost during  
Failing the above, submit a technical request to with information of your engine configuration and  
photos of installation