A vast majority of product-related problems are due to incorrect fitting or setup.

Turbosmart recommends that you get your products fitted and tuned by a qualified technician. If you choose to fit and set the product up yourself, ensure you have all the necessary tools and technical knowledge required to perform this task.

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I’m experiencing excessive/fluctuating boost with the Boost Tee.
(The following answers also apply to Dual and Single Stage Boost Controllers)
• Check that the boost controller is installed so that the arrow points toward the wastegate actuator.
• Check the joining hoses for splits, cracks or loose connection and are the correct size for the application
• Check to see if the boost controller is blocked or contaminated with dirt or debris

The excessive/fluctuating boost is still occuring…
• Ensure that there is nothing but the boost controller in the hose between the pressure source and the wastegate actuator, ie tee pieces for boost gauge or to factory boost solenoid.

The excessive/fluctuating boost is still occuring…
• Pressure test the wastegate actuator for leakage, the diaphragm or housing may be cracked or split
• Check that the wastegate is operating correctly

How do I wire up the Single/Dual Stage Boost Controller?
The updated Fitting Instructions include a wiring guide. You can download them from the “INSTRUCTIONS” section of this website.

Can I fit and set the e-Boost2 up myself?
e-Boost2 is a fully featured programmable electronic device. Turbosmart recommends that you use a reputable, qualified technician to install and tune it for you. If you are a competent, technically-savvy DIYinstaller, we suggest you carefully read and follow the instructions included with the unit.

How do I know the workshop is qualified to install/setup an e-Boost2.
Look for the “Turbosmart Authorized Dealer” signage. Ask whether the workshop has fitted/setup e-Boost2s in the past. Ideally the workshop should have dyno facilities.

After installing the e-Boost2 my engine is over-boosting/underboosting.
• Check that the e-Boost solenoid is installed correctly.
• Ensure the factory boost control solenoid is not connected in the hose between the pressure source and the waste gate actuator
• Ensure the length of the waste gate actuator rod has not been modified, refer to the manufactures specifications.

If the over/under/irregular boost is still occurring…
• Check to see if the e-Boost solenoid is not blocked or contaminated with dirt, oil build up or debris
• Check the joining hoses for splits, cracks or loose connections and ensure they are not blocked, kinked or restricted, particularly if the existing hose was reused
• Pressure test the waste gate actuator for leakage, the diaphragm or housing may be cracked or split

If the over/under/ irregular boost is still occurring…
• Ensure the smooth and free operation of the waste gate arm in the turbo exhaust housing.
• Check that the hose between the e-Boost and the inlet manifold is not obstructed, broken or kinked.
• Check that the OBS is set higher than the boost pressure you are aiming for.
• Check the Blow-off Valve for leakage, some are used as over-boost valves

If the over/under/ irregular boost is still occurring…
• Gate pressure maybe set too close to your actual boost pressure – ensure correct sensitivity setting.

I have a turbo diesel car with a vacuum activated wastegate. Can I control it with e-Boost2 or e-Boost Street?
• E-Boost will not work with vacuum operated wastegates.

I’m re-mounting my eBoost 2 and I don’t want to lose the current setup. Will the settings be retained with the unit unplugged?
• No, you won’t loose anything, but if you are worried, take 5-10 minutes and note down all your settings. it’ll be helpful if you do accidentally change something.

What is the proper connection method for the e-Boost2 solenoid into an external wastegate?
• There is no “proper” way, just start with the basic hook up method as per the instructions and if you don’t get the desired effect, try the other hookup methods as outlined in the fitting instructions.


Can I install a Fuel Pressure Regulator myself?
While a fuel pressure regulator can be fitted relatively easily, Turbosmart recommends its FPRs are fitted and tuned by a qualified technicians as an incorrect setting of fuel pressure may cause your engine to run lean with the potential for detonation.
NOTE: After fitting as FPR, Air-Fuel ratios must be checked.

How do I adjust the base pressure on the FPR?
Turning the screw clockwise will increase your base pressure and anti-clockwise will decrease base pressure. Ensure that when setting the base pressure the vacuum hose is disconnected and blocked and that the reference nipple is open to atmosphere.


I’ve installed a Supersonic BOV and now my engine is dipping below normal idle and stalling.
• Check the vacuum hose for splits, cracks, loose connection, kinking or any obstruction – old or fatigued hose may collapse under vacuum causing an obstruction
• With the engine running remove the vacuum / pressure hose from the nipple in the cap of the BOV, there should a loud hissing sound. The engine should idle poorly, double check by covering the end of the hose with your finger. If this does not occur, the hose could be blocked or crimped. Check the hose and replace if necessary.

If the stalling dipping idle is still occurring…
• Ensure that the vacuum/pressure source is not shared and that the vacuum source is directly from the inlet manifold
• Check the seal between the adapter and the Race Port – ensure that there is no gap between the BOV base and the weld flange
• Check the join between the adapter and the intercooler pipe for leaking .

I’ve installed a Vee-Port in my car and despite all the tuning the car still stalls.
Some cars with sensitive Air Flow Meters will not respond well to atmospheric Blow-Off Valve. Turbosmart recommends fitting a bypass-type BOV like the Plumb Back. Fitting a bypass-type BOV will eliminate the stalling problem.


The dials on my FCD2 do not go all the way around.
The adjustment dials do not turn 360O, they start at 1 and finish at 10. Do not force them past these points as this will damage your FCD2

I’ve accidentally zero’d all the dials, what are the factory settings on the FCD2?
Before setup the unit should be set to the following settings, Clamp=10, Release=10.


Will fitting an external Wastegate require any custom fabrication?
Yes, fitting an external wastege will require fabrication of a custom manifold and or modification to an exhaust manifold.

Why is it important to check the Air-Fuel ratio while setting the desired boost pressure?
Any increase in boost pressure can cause the engine to run “LEAN”, resulting in possible engine damage.

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34 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Hi, Have a s5 13bt running two Bosch 044s, 1700cc secondary and 1000cc primary. All fuel fittings are -8, i currently have a FPR1200. Would this be ok, with the setup or would i be better of getting the FPR2000? Than it would be -8 all the way to the fuel rail.

    • Damien, For that setup, a FPR1200 would be fine. If the pressure doesn’t hold on the FPR1200, with the fuel setup you are running, it may then be advisable to get a FPR2000.

  2. I am using a Toyota 15b-t diesel engine with Garrett gtx3071r what size wastegate do u recommend? I prefer small so I can run high boost but worried it will choke the engine

  3. Howdy, KF 4wd laser – BPT engine, Will the 20mm universal dual port in the Kompact series fit/ne sufficient?

  4. i have a twin turbo 6 cyl falcon an i want to no if it is poss to run one 5omm or 60mm waste gate between both turbos or do i have to run two 38mm or 45mm gates . any ideas please. it will hopefully make aprox 1000hp on methanol

    • What turbos are you running? What boost are you looking to run? Depending on what boost you will run, you would use either 2 ProGate50 or 2 HyperGate45’s.

  5. hi i fitted a turbosmart boost controler to my 180sx and screwed to the mminus to stop and it ran over 20psi so screwed to plus to stop and did the same and dont know y any ideas

    • Have you removed the boost restrictors in the pressure lines and disconnected the boost lines to the standard solenoid?

  6. Hi guys, could you pls advise to me to upgrade my stock volvo engine V70 T3 2.3 T5. What is you suggestion to change the stock turbine, blow off and waste gate. My target is 400hp. Your kind reply is highly appreciated.

    • Its best to consult your local tuner for turbo size. Blow off valves will depend on personal preference, whether you want something quiet or something loud. Any of our 38mm BOV’s will work with your desired output. Wastegate size will depend on boost levels but you would be looking between the Ultragate38 and the Hypergate45.

  7. i have built a nissan rb30 turbo engine. I will be running 2 bosch 044 pumps with -8an lines & i am expecting approx 500hp at the engine with plenty of room to boost it more later on. I know the fpr 800 would probably do the job but i have been told to buy a reg with at least -6an lines because of flow issues. I am willing to pay the extra dollars for the fpr2000 to make fitting easier due to -8an fittings. Will this reg provide a stable pressure considering i wont have anywhere near 2000hp or should i buy the fpr1200

  8. hi there i have Twin turbo subaru b4 rsk 2001 …
    what kind of wastegate do recommen me to fit in my car

  9. Hi i installed a turbosmart boost tee in my mitsubishi evo 6 and set it up for 17psi, the next night after i installed it i had the problem of it overboosting to the point of fuel cut which is 19psi, as soon as it did this i turnd it down a couple of clicks and testd it again and it went back down to 17psi. About a week later it overboostd again, so once again i turnd it down, then about 2days later it did it again. Ive noticed it does this on cold nights is there any way to fix this? i haven’t tried removing the ball and spring from the boost tee, is this something i need to do?

    • Dan,

      Try removing the ball & spring initially and see how you go with the overboosting issue. It is quite common for a turbocharged vehicle to do this in the cold, and that’s all down to the tune. Generally to fix something like that, you would need to retune the vehicle.

  10. I have a twin turbo 351 ford with 63mm turbos at about 14-20 pounds of boost.

    What size Ultra Gates can I use Strip only car (2 wastegates)


  11. Hi i Buy a eboost2 and connected But only work 2 stage i need help. I try to program the eboost2 for 4 stage but did not work i read the instruction and everything. I want to work like a video en YouTube I saw, he put 1 gear stage 1 , he put 2 gear stage 2, he put 3 gear and stage 3 and 4,5 how I can do something like that I like to know thank!!! I have a Evo X

  12. I just installed an eboost2. With RPM connected “Peak Hold RPM” is working and correct but “Live RPM” doesn’t show up on the unit. Any ideas?

    • Peak hold RPM will only show if the unit can read a RPM signal. Have you scrolled through the live menu? Live RPM should be after live boost.

  13. Hi, I have a 05 XR6T running 14psi, with a Kompact 25mm Dual Port BOV (venting to atmo), have an issue with flutter on gear changes, I have tried adjusting the BOV both hard and soft settings, changing to a softer setting results in the valve opeing at idle. The VAC line is fine. Not sure if I should try a different or bigger BOV that will flow better?. Is it possible to get a Vee-Port or Supersonic with a 25mm adaptor?

    • The Kompact 25mm Dual port is only designed for very lightly modified engines. Your car will need something larger as you are running alot more boost and will probably have the supporting mods to achieve that boost level meaning your turbo is flowing alot more air for that Kompact to handle.

  14. Hey I have a 50mm progate and i am wounder about the spring. to change the spring do i have to do all or just 1 ? I don’t know the difference between IN, MID, OUTER ? do i have change all 3 ?

    • What spring pressure are you currently at, and what is your desired pressure?

  15. Hi, I have one of your boost gauges installed and the illumination has stopped working. Is there a way to open the gauge to replace the bulb? I cannot see an obvious way. Thanks.