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Silicone Hose &CLAMPS

Whether you need silicone hoses, spares or parts; we carry a full range of accessories designed to keep your engine running at its peak performance. Dont settle for non-genuine parts, make sure you are Turbosmart equipped!

Silicone Hose

HIGH-GRADE SILICONE | STRONG | TOUGH | DURABLE | FLEXIBLE Manufactured from a high-grade silicone, Turbosmart silicone hoses are stronger, tougher and more flexible than rubber hoses They are Temperature resistant from -50°C (-58°F) to 170°C (338°F) constant and available in a wide range of styles and diameters.

Hose Clamps

Looking for spare parts or serviceable items for your Turbosmart product? Look no further. We carry everything to ensure that your Turbosmart part is always running at its peak performance. Turbo seal constant tension clamps and additional springs specially designed to work with your Turbosmart products.