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News May 22, 2020

     The Turbosmart Sleeper series takes the tried and tested Turbosmart Motorsport & Performance Range of products and goes black on black! If you want something unique under your hood, want to keep a low profile for whatever reason, or simply need some limited-edition cred, the Sleeper Series from Turbosmart is now available.   ......

News May 9, 2020

A boost controller controls the amount of manifold pressure by changing the amount of pressure going to the wastegate. For example; if you wish to increase your boost pressure above your standard wastegate actuator pressure (typically 7psi), the boost controller must acurately modify the pressure signal the wastegate actuator receives by venting an adjustable amount of pressure, forcing the turbo to produce the ......

Products April 22, 2020

 Why Turbosmart's OPR T40 Is a crucial component of any turbo setup?In modern engines, high-pressure oiling systems are used to keep parts properly lubricated. While high engine oil pressures are perfectly suited for the internal parts of an engine, they often exceed the optimal thresholds of aftermarket turbochargers. When you have too much oil pressure going into ......

Products April 15, 2020

For years racers, tuners, and enthusiasts have wrestled with the complications of swapping springs on their wastegates. Throughout the industry, old school wastegate designs utilized a common multi-bolt cap design to gain access to the internal springs. Through years of research and development, Turbosmart has put their products through their paces and found an innovative ......

Products April 11, 2020

NEW: KOMPACT EM VR15 VALVE       For 2020, Turbosmart expands its award winning Kompact EM valve product line. The EM range utilizes full electronic integration while providing a genuine upgrade in reliability and performance over the factory valve. The Kompact EM valve bolts directly in place of the factory unit and plugs directly into ......

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