Why Turbosmart?

About Us

We are proud to be certified as a Great Place to Work. We are committed to enchanting our employee experiences and nurturing a culture that allows innovation, creativity, and individuality.

Turbosmart careers are for the people who care about achieving goals and want to be part of a challenging and exciting team. We follow three core values, and they are at the very heart of what it means to be a part of Turbosmart. Before applying, we encourage you to read our ‘About Us Page‘ to make sure we are the right company for you.

1. Passion 2. Make It Happen 3. Professionalism

Nic Cooper
Nic CooperCEO
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"I am incredibly proud that Turbosmart is acknowledged as a Great Place to Work, and even more so proud of our committed and passionate team that live by our values and purpose every day. Our people and culture are the driving force behind the success of our business, we are a team of enthusiasts for enthusiasts, and this goes hand in hand with our values and Great Place to Work certification."
TurbosmartHR Team
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"Becoming certified as a Great Place to Work not only reinforces the strong culture at Turbosmart, but also recognises a year of hard work, resilience and dedication. We are privileged to have a passionate and diverse team who care about our brand and what we stand for. Our people are what makes Turbosmart great."

Our Business Areas

Human Resources

Turbosmart is fueled by the talent of our people and so we understand the value in investing in them.

Our HR team aims to maintain and flourish a happy and productive team. We are passionate about the brand and our people, so we are committed to creating a work environment that is vibrant, engaging and cultured, functioning alongside our key values and purpose.


A data-driven department that ensures we are financially aligned with business goals.
Not only is the Finance team responsible for managing the everyday tasks of processing payroll and managing the budget, they are also focused on financially driving growth and assisting us with taking the company to the next level.

Turbosmart Sales


Key players in providing our customers with their favourite Turbosmart product!

Our sales team is passionate and enthusiastic about every aspect of our products. With a focus on customer service and support, our sales team can’t wait for you to get your hands on one (or all) of our products!


A creative team of storytellers responsible for updating our supporters with everything Turbosmart!

From delivering you with the latest news, or keeping you entertained and educated with product videos and images, you’ll be sure to see something that keeps you thrilled and excited to continue following a journey of market-leading turbo technology with Turbosmart.


Big thinkers, innovators, and problem solvers!

A team that seeks challenges and engineers with the purpose to win.

Our engineering department is involved with every aspect of our product life cycle from start to finish. They endlessly work on delivering performance enthusiasts with the next awesome, must-have products, whilst also maintaining performance and expectations with current product lines.


Our largest department, comprised of a team of hustlers responsible for bringing our products to a tangible. 

Manufacturing our product range from start to finish, it all happens within our warehouse. Beginning with raw materials,  in-house machined parts are crafted and passed onto precious hands to carefully piece together and assemble products, preparing for shipment.

Application Information

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