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A&A Corvette Performance
address 477 A Lambert St, Oxnard, CA, 93036, United States

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A&A Corvette Performance started as a one-person operation in Ventura, California. Owner Andy Green came up with the original A&A Exhaust Mod and Frame Savers in 1999 for his own 1997 C5. These were just a sideline to his regular job managing an engine installation facility.
Somebody said, “those are great ideas you should advertise them”. A small ad was placed in a Corvette magazine for $200 a month, and they started to sell. The defining moment was when someone called from Corvette Forum and asked if we could do a “Group Buy” and give a discount. After this call, sales grew to the point where it became a viable idea to start a new business.
Always being a gear head, it wasn’t long before C5s were being brought in for camshaft and cylinder head installations as well as other work. Leaping in June of 2002, Andy rented a small building for $500 per month to make his parts and install them. The first Vortech supercharger was established in that building. Since that day in 2002, there hasn’t been a day that A&A Corvette hasn’t had at least one Corvette in the shop for repair or modification.
It was also here that he started looking at existing supercharger systems and “fixing” them. A customer came down from Las Vegas with a “Brand P” supercharger on his car. It was overheating badly and had belt issues. The pulley system was revised, as was the air intake and fan situation. This alleviated both problems. Word got around, and more supercharged cars came into Andy to be “fixed”.
The first A&A supercharger bracket was designed and manufactured in that first year. A water jet was used, and the edges were cleaned up with a hand grinder. They were rough but worked better than what was available at the time. Next came the single front mount intercooler and the “over the radiator” air inlet. The top shroud was cut from ABS plastic with a jigsaw and sanded smooth. The first A&A supercharger system was born.
That original building was 500 square feet and lasted precisely one year. In June 2003, the shop was moved right up the street to a 1200 square foot facility and installed three lifts.
Tuning was an issue at the time, and Andy would have to drive 40 miles to the Valley to have cars tuned after work was performed. It was time to buy a dyno and jump into the tuning world. This was a considerable investment but became another huge turning point. A&A was on the map!
Again, this building was outgrown, and in June of 2004, we moved to our present location just outside Oxnard, California. A dedicated dyno room was built, and a separate area was just for supercharger kit assembly and shipping.
The supercharger systems have continued to be refined until we have what you see today, the most exemplary supercharger system on the market.
With over 3000 systems produced, superchargers are our primary business, but we still maintain a full-service Corvette performance, installation and repair facility, and an engine building shop.
We have known the world over for our innovative engineering and unrivalled customer service. Vortech head units are used exclusively for their efficiency and reliability. The remainder of the entire system is designed and manufactured by A&A Corvette in our Southern California facility.
We also maintain an entire stock of all parts needed for your supercharged Corvette project. We have it all from brackets, head units, intercoolers, silicone hoses, fuel systems, and more.

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