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address 18 George St, Granville, NSW, 2142, Australia

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Commencing business in 1993 with only himself and an apprentice, Spiro Papadimatos began to carve himself a reputation based on a fundamental but straightforward business premise:- never let a vehicle leave unless the repairs are 100% right. It was not long before Spiro needed additional staff to handle the burgeoning workload that came his way – mainly from referrals from existing customers. The team had grown to 4 mechanics within a year, plus Spiro. With this ever-increasing workload came a need for more specialised equipment, and in 1995 we took delivery of a state-of-the-art Dyno Dynamics 4WD Dyno, the only one of its type in NSW at the time. As computer technology played an ever-increasing role in the operation of modern motor vehicles, we also moved with the times and installed sophisticated fuel injection and computer testing equipment to keep abreast of this growing technology. Interestingly, many new car dealerships send their problematic vehicles to us to rectify – a testimony to our skills in this demanding niche. Granted a Unichip dealership in 1997, Autotech moved into the engine management recalibration market, a natural extension to the EFI work in which we were already recognised as market leaders. We were bursting at the seams by this time, so purchasing the property next door seemed an obvious move – to house our newly formed exhaust division. Catering for the standard family car or developing custom big-bore performance exhaust systems for racers, Autotech Exhausts are produced in-house to maximise volumetric efficiency whilst maintaining legal noise levels – which translates to the more efficient operation of your vehicle. Today, Autotech comprises 12 specialist staff, most of whom have been with us since its inception in the early 90s. We also have an Operations Manager, a Sales Manager and dedicated account managers working with the specialist staff on the shop floor, ensuring repairs are carried out in a pleasant, convenient and hassle-free manner – getting you back on the road quickly, safely and cost-effectively. It is easy to see how we have grown from a small two-person operation to become one of Sydney’s, if not Australia’s, most comprehensive specialist automotive workshops. Logbook servicing, general repairs and maintenance, fleet maintenance, brake repairs, automatic transmission servicing/ rebuilding and all exhaust work is handled effortlessly under one roof. It’s no wonder that statutory bodies such as CAMS even rely on our skill and expertise – they consulted us on various technical engine issues when formulating the new Australia-wide “Saloon Car” series. We have the skills, the staff, the professionalism and the commitment to offer nothing less than the very best in customer service when working on your vehicles.

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