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These services include custom firmware creation, custom dash/display creation and CANbus configuration. Some of the world’s fastest cars currently run our custom firmware solutions.

Whether your style is drag racing, circuit racing or just plain old street duties, we can help develop a solution that gives you that leading edge.

Custom firmware solutions tailored to your needs. These firmware packages are generally called upon when off the shelf options just won’t cut it.

Bespoke display creator designs that are only limited by your creative imagination. These can include custom menu systems, company logos and other customisations.

Other services we provide include:


  • Wiring design and production for complete vehicle
  • Custom wiring solutions for small to full-scale applications
  • PDM universal looms
  • Motec dash logging set up and support


  • Custom ground-up builds and conversions
  • EFI conversions for early model cars


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