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The Turbosmart Wastegate range is a multi-award winning product, used and trusted by enthusiasts, mechanics and top tier engineers all over the world. With countless hours of R&D, testing and fine-tuning, Turbosmart Wastegates are Engineered to Win. A wastegate is a valve which controls the flow of exhaust gas from an engine to the turbocharger. By controlling the flow of exhaust gas to the turbine of the turbocharger, the wastegate can control the boost pressure provided by the turbocharger to the engine. The wastegate needs to be correctly matched for the engine and turbocharger combination to give the end user adequate control on boost pressure. There are two types of wastegates: external wastegates, and actuator driven internal wastegates. Turbosmart has solutions for all your wastegate needs.


Our new Gen-V wastegates are a direct fit upgrade to all 4th-generation Turbosmart wastegates. All Gen-V wastegates are provided with a range of springs (3-26psi) and feature our unique collar-locking system, rotatable actuator, strap-type V-band clamps, 1/8″ NPT ports, and “optional” liquid-cooling. Also available in Motorsport and Compressed Gas versions


The GenV WG40 CompGate Motorsport External Wastegate is a cost-effective external wastegate, designed with huge thermal demands in mind. Based on the modular architecture of the GenV range, the Motorsport version has an extra CFD driven heatsink built-in proven to dissipate more heat and further isolate the actuator housing from thermal stress. The GenV provides extensive user configurability, world leading extended thermal performance, fatigue resistance, and best in class flow performance for optimum control and longevity.

Compressed Gas

The GenV HyperGate45 Compressed Gas external wastegate is a cost-effective, high performing external wastegate designed for control strategies that actively bias the top chamber with high pressure for large boost bandwidth operation, such as CO2 drag racing, or compressed air WRC applications. The Compressed Gas range feature an inverted diaphragm to maximize diaphragm life from high-pressure CO2 or compressed air systems.


There are no springs, no hoses, and no boost reference signal, nor any of the limitations associated with any of them. Gone are ‘Minimum’ boost levels associated with base spring pressure or the heat-related issues with hoses. If your manifold priority is good enough, you can set your boost anywhere from zero up to ‘All of it’ – All from your laptop or tuning interface.

High Pressure

The HP External Wastegate Range takes our modular GenV range & adds more boost! Utilising the GenV modular architecture, we have taken our class-leading flow, thermal performance & fatigue resistance and created an actuator with more room for more spring. The HP Range is ideal for Diesel Applications & Ultra-High-Performance Petrol applications where high pressures & a narrow tuning window are required. The HP range offers options available up to 50psi without any external boost control or reference manipulation & even more, with!

Spares and Accessories

Looking for spare parts or serviceable items for your Turbosmart product? Look no further. We carry everything to get ensure that your Turbosmart part is always running at its peak performance. Turbo seal constant tension clamps and additional springs specially designed to work with your Turbosmart products.