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The Turbosmart Fabrication Series is a collection of High-Quality components to assist you with your high-performance and motorsport engine bay. In addition, with the same quality expectations and standards that we set for our Boost Control Products. High Quality materials means easier, more consistent welding as well as long service life through thermal cycling, us and against corrosion. The Turbosmart Fabrication Series Range makes sure you have what you need for your project, when you need it & will not let you down.

Weld Flanges

Turbosmart Weld Flanges are made from high-quality materials to ensure quality welds and fabrication can be achieved when installing Turbosmart products. Be it an inlet weld flange for an External Wastegate of Blow Off Valve, or a 5 port billet outlet flange for an Anti-Lag Valve. Furthermore, we have what you need for your project, when you need it & it will not let you down.


The Turbosmart Stainless Steel Coupling Kits are produced to assist in fitment of Exhaust systems, External Wastegates and other areas of where high thermal demands are required. Quality materials ensure easy and consistent welding & quality. Quick release clamps and fittings ensure ease of use & long service life. In addition, to demanding motorsport engine bays where service requirements are higher.

Spares and Accessories


Looking for spare's & accessories or serviceable items for your Turbosmart product? Look no further! We carry everything to ensure that your Turbosmart Fabrication Series are always running at peak performance. We supply tension clamps, springs, blanking plugs, adaptors, solenoids, weld flanges and many more items. Don't settle for non-genuine parts. Make sure your Turbosmart.