RacePort & Big Bubba flange O-Ring

$9.94USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


O-RING – Suit Turbosmart RacePort and Big Bubba BOV flange.

Turbosmart RacePort and Big Bubba flange O-rings are explicitly designed for Turbosmart’s RacePort and Big Bubba blow off valves. The O-rings are made from high-quality, long-lasting materials that can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, ensuring a secure fit with no leaks. These Turbosmart O-Rings provide superior performance, helping to maintain boost pressure in your turbocharged vehicle. Whether upgrading or replacing existing O-Rings on your Turbosmart BOV flanges, these reliable seals will keep your engine running at peak performance. Install Turbosmart RacePort and Big Bubba Flange O-Rings today and experience the difference they make in your car’s performance.


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