Dual Port Smart Port Nissan GT-R R35 Kit

$772.17USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


As turbocharged performance cars go, the Nissan GT-R is a legendary giant killer. The R35’s twin-turbo VR38 V6 offers exotic-beating performance levels in a much more accessible package. Turbosmart has developed a range of products specifically for the R35 GT-R, and our commitment to this legendary nameplate continues with our latest SmartPort blow-off valve.

The SmartPort is a revolutionary BOV design. The SmartPort’s drive-by-wire friendly staging technology works with the vehicle’s standard mapping to maximise the performance of the valve to deliver the best results for the car, giving you the response of a Plumb Back valve, with the high-performance benefits of a vent-to-atmosphere valve – a welcome improvement in a vehicle with such massive performance out of the box.

The SmartPort’s piston is made from aerospace alloy with a military-spec coating, reducing its weight and friction and improving valve response and durability. With faster response and better sealing, the SmartPort allows quicker spool-up and better performance on the drive-by-wire GT-R while reducing damaging compressor surge.


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