Collar Tool Suit Gen4 IWG, GenV IWG, Gen4 CompGate40 and HyperGate45

$25.50USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


Turbosmart’s Locking Collar C Spanner Tool is designed to fit perfectly with Turbosmart’s locking collar system, allowing you to easily and securely tighten or loosen the locking collar on Turbosmart products. This spanner offers an easy-to-use design that allows for quick adjustments and secure tightening or loosening of your Turbosmart product. With its durable construction, this tool will ensure that your Turbosmart product remains securely locked in place for a long time. It also features a comfortable grip handle that provides a sure grip when making adjustments. The Turbosmart Locking Collar C Spanner Tool is the perfect choice for anyone looking to quickly and easily adjust their Turbosmart products with
precision and security.

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Gen4 RacePort Blow Off Valves
GenV RacePort Blow Off Valves

Gen4 IWG Internal Wastegate Actuators
GenV IWG Internal Wastegate Actuators

Gen4 WG38 UltraGate38 External Wastegates
Gen4 WG40 CompGate40 External Wastegates
Gen4 WG45 HyperGate45 External Wastegates