Gen 4/IWG 74mm Locking Collar

$44.39USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


The Turbosmart Gen 4/IWG 74mm Locking Collar is designed to secure Turbosmart UltraGate38 (38mm), CompGate40 (40mm) and HyperGate45 (45mm) External Wastegates, including HP Gates. With its stainless steel construction and anodized finish, this locking collar ensures long-term security for your Turbosmart gate. The locking collar can be easily installed with the included hardware, making it a simple yet effective solution for securing external wastegates. Turbosmart’s Gen 4/IWG 74mm Locking Collar is the perfect choice for keeping your Turbosmart gates secure and reliable for years to come.

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Locking Collar - Suit Turbosmart Ultra-Gate38 (38mm), Comp-Gate40 (40mm) and Hyper-Gate45 (45mm) External Wastegates inc HP Gates

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