GenV WG38 UltraGate38 Valve Seat

$36.61USD (Excl. Sales Tax)



Turbosmart’s UltraGate38 External Wastegate has a valve seat designed to fit Turbosmart GenV Turbos (GenV Turbine). Turbosmart’s tool-free design makes installing and maintaining the UltraGate38 a breeze. The valve seat is crafted from high-grade stainless steel and ensures an optimal seal between the turbine housing and the wastegate actuator. This keeps exhaust gases flowing in the right direction, helping achieve maximum performance from your turbocharger. With Turbosmart’s Valve Seat for its UltraGate38 External Wastegate, you can be sure that your GenV Turbine is operating optimally with no unwanted turbulence or resistance. Get maximum performance from your turbo with Turbosmart!

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Valve Seat - Suit GenV Turbosmart UltraGate38 External Wastegate

**Valve Seat is only suitable for Gen-V Wastegates only**

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