GenV Actuator Collar Tool Suit WG45/50 & ProPort BOV

$24.94USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


Turbosmart’s GenV Collar Tool is designed specifically for Turbosmart’s WG45/WG50 HyperGate45 and ProGate50 Actuators, including Turbosmart’s ProPort Blow Off Valves. This tool is unsuitable for other sizes of Turbosmart Wastegates or Turbosmart RacePort and PowerPort Blow Off Valves. The GenV Collar Tool allows easy installation of Turbosmart Actuators, ensuring the correct settings are achieved each time, allowing maximum performance from Turbosmart Products. Turbosmart’s GenV Collar Tool is the perfect tool for any Turbosmart enthusiast looking to get the best from their Turbosmart products. Get yours today!

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Collar Tool Suit GenV WG45/WG50 HyperGate45 & ProGate50, including ProPort Blow Off Valve.

It does not suit other size Wastegates and Does not suit RacePort or PowerPort Blow Off Valves.