GenV WG50 Valve seat

$49.94USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


Turbosmart’s ProGate50 (50mm) External Wastegates are designed to provide superior performance for turbocharged engines. Turbosmart’s GenV WG50 Valve Seat is the perfect spare part for the ProGate50 (50mm) External Wastegates, providing a high-quality base that increases sealing and improves flow efficiency. The valve seat is manufactured with precision CNC machining technology, ensuring optimal rigidity and durability. Turbosmart’s GenV WG50 Valve Seat is essential for achieving maximum power and performance from Turbosmart’s ProGate50 External Wastegates.

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Valve Seat - Suit Turbosmart Pro-Gate50 (50mm) External Wastegates

**Valve Seat is only suitable for Gen-V Wastegates only**

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