GenV Actuator Collar Suit WG60

$63.28USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


GenV WG60 Actuator Collar

Turbosmart GenV WG60 Actuator collar is designed to ensure that your Turbosmart actuator continues to work at optimum levels. This includes Turbosmart’s patented lock and seal mechanism to keep the collar firmly in place and protect it from damage or wear. All Turbosmart spare GenV WG60 Actuator Collars are made from high-quality materials for durable construction and long-lasting performance. Turbosmart also offers instructions on properly installing and maintaining your actuator collars for maximum efficiency, ensuring you get the most out of your Turbosmart product. With Turbosmart’s extensive selection of spare GenV WG60 Actuator Collars, you can be sure that your Turbosmart actuator will remain in top shape for many years. Get your Turbosmart GenV WG60 Actuator Collar today, and keep your Turbosmart products running at optimal levels!

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