GenV IWG Actuator Diaphragm Replacement

$73.28USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


Turbosmart genuine spares and accessories are produced in order to ensure the longest possible service life for your favourite Turbosmart gear. These spares and accessories are not an afterthought, they are the components Turbosmart use in the hand assembly of your product, simply made available as a product you can use yourself to update, service or rebuild your Turbosmart product.

Replacment diapghragm to suit GenV Internal Wastegate actuator, featuring proprietary blended hi-temperature and woven silicon nomex construction for performance, operation and reliability in even the most extreme environments.

NOTE Is only suitable for GenV Internatal Wastegate Actuators & will not fit Gen4 or alternative actuators.

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GenV IWG75 Internal Wastegate Actuators
inc. Boost-based pSG StraightGate Actuators