Nissan BOV Flange Gasket

$8.83USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


Turbosmart Nissan BOV Flange Gaskets are designed to provide an airtight seal between the blow off valve and the intake hose when upgrading your Nissan performance vehicle. The Turbosmart flange gasket is made from high-quality rubber, ensuring a reliable and durable seal. Turbosmart’s design ensures that it fits perfectly into place – no extra modification of components is required for installation. Turbosmart’s flange gasket also provides superior protection against vibrations, heat, and pressure so that you never have to worry about losing your hard-earned gains in power or torque. With Turbosmart’s quality materials, your Nissan will continue to deliver peak performance even under extreme conditions. Upgrade today with Turbosmart’s durable and reliable Nissan BOV Flange Gasket and keep your performance vehicle running like new.

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Gasket – Suits Nissan Flange. Replacement Gasket for TS-0205-2057 (Flange Adapter Kit), TS-0205-1026, TS-0205-1027 (Nissan and R35 Dual Port), and TS-0203-1226 (Nissan Kompact).