Type 5 SmartPort Upgrade Kit – 50mm Clear

$66.61USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


The Turbosmart Type 5 SmartPort Upgrade Kit is an easy solution for upgrading your existing Type 5 BOV to the latest Turbosmart SmartPort spec. This kit includes the Turbosmart 50mm clear anodized SmartPort Trumpet and a Red -17 to -14 inHg spring – everything you need to ensure your performance engine stays running at its peak. Turbosmart products are designed and manufactured with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, giving you reliable power every time. By upgrading with Turbosmart’s Type 5 SmartPort Upgrade Kit, you can be sure that your engine will stay tuned and have maximum power delivery when it matters most. Trust Turbosmart for all of your performance needs!

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