Type 5 Smart Port Upgrade Kit – 60mm Clear

$66.61USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


The Turbosmart Type 5 SmartPort Upgrade Kit is the perfect solution for upgrading your existing Turbosmart Type 5 BOV to our new Smart Port spec. This kit includes a 60mm clear anodized SmartPort Trumpet and a Red -17 to -14 inHg spring, giving your BOV an improved valve response. Turbosmart’s SmartPort technology keeps the valve shut even with a softer BOV spring, so you can enjoy the improved performance without sacrificing reliability. Make the most of your Turbosmart Type 5 BOV by upgrading it today with the Turbosmart Type 5 SmartPort Upgrade Kit.

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Type 5 Dual Port, Supersonic or Plumb Back Blow Off Valves.