WG45 1.75″ Coupling System

$81.06USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


Weld on V-Band Fitting – Suits WG45 Outlet Weld Flange. It can be used with WG45 Outlet Weld Flange (TS-0504-3002) with a suitable WG45 V-Band Clamp (TS-0504-3005) to form a 1.75″ Exhaust Coupler. Welding Required, Custom Application.

Turbosmart has been an industry leader in developing and manufacturing performance automotive parts since 1997. They have developed products that are designed to outlast and outperform the competition. Turbosmart’s WG45 1.75″ Coupling System is no exception, providing quality components for any exhaust coupling needs. Don’t wait – get Turbosmart’s WG45 1.75″ Coupling System for your custom application today!

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