WG60 Alloy Outlet weld flange

$35.50USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


Weld Flange (Outlet) – ALLOY – Suit Turbosmart Power-Gate60 (60mm) External Wastegates.

The Turbosmart WG60 Alloy Outlet Weld Flange is a durable and precision machined flange designed to allow for easy welding of Turbosmart PowerGate60 external wastegates. It is made from high-quality alloy material, providing superior strength and durability. This weld flange is essential in any turbocharged system, allowing the perfect fitment of Turbosmart’s popular PowerGate60 (60mm) external wastegate. With its precision machining and lightweight design, this weld flange ensures a secure connection with no risk of leakage or other unnecessary losses during boost control. It also features pressurized O-ring seals that prevent exhaust gas or oil loss at high pressure and temperatures. Turbosmart’s WG60 Alloy Outlet Weld Flange is the perfect choice for turbochargers seeking maximum performance and reliability. With its superior strength, durability, and precise fitment, this weld flange ensures a reliable connection for years of trouble-free use.

This product is backed by Turbosmart’s manufacturing warranty and a customer satisfaction guarantee; ensuring you get quality parts with exceptional service. Turbosmart stands behind its products and will help answer any questions or concerns. Get your Turbosmart WG60 Alloy Outlet Weld Flange today and enjoy its performance benefits!

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