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Turbosmart products are sold worldwide through a vast distribution network of trusted, qualified and authorized dealers. These dealers are selected explicitly through a rigorous vetting process to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of service and the best level of support available.

When searching for a seller of Turbosmart products, particularly online, deals often appear too good to be true. Typically speaking, many of these sellers are not authorized to distribute Turbosmart products, meaning you as the customer are left exposed to several risks, including but not limited to; counterfeit, stolen, refurbished or grey imports. All of which are not supported or covered by a Turbosmart warranty. Turbosmart’s warranty is limited to the original item purchaser from these authorized dealers only or directly via the Turbosmart online sales portal; turbosmartdirect.com.

Please only purchase from an Authorized Dealer to protect your peace of mind. Ensure that you can be fully supported for any technical issues you may experience when using your Turbosmart product.

A note for our USA Customers ONLY about Amazon.com: Amazon is not an authorized online dealer of Turbosmart products; this includes resellers who sell through Amazon. This does not apply to other global regions.

Unauthorized Dealers List

Below is a list of unauthorized dealers known to Turbosmart; there may be others that have not yet been brought to our attention. Any purchases made for Turbosmart products from any unauthorized dealer — whether listed below or not, whether known to Turbosmart or not — will not be covered under any Turbosmart warranty, and no support will be provided. Please click the ‘Find a Dealer,’ link above to find an authorized dealer.

Last Updated: October 02, 2018

Vendor NameVendor Address
Drift Side Racinghttps://driftsideracing.co.nz/
Yoursource4partseBay (https://www.ebay.com/usr/yoursource4parts)
Car NeedsAmazon
Got Chromewww.got-chrome.com; Amazon
21 MotorsportsAmazon & https://21motorsports.com/
LML RacingAmazon
Carparts R USAmazon
Truckin CoversAmazon
Yur Car PartseBay
JPAC AutoAmazon
Race Pro ShopAmazon
PS TuningAmazon
Parts OnlineAmazon
Gunner PerformanceAmazon
Performance GuaranteeAmazon
Shop EddiesAmazon
Sunset PerformanceAmazon
Import Replacement PartsAmazon
Taro RacingAmazon
Direct Performance ProductsAmazon
GP Werks


Sparktec Motorsportshttp://www.sparktecmotorsports.com/ & Amazon
Yur Partshttp://yurparts.com/
HPT AutoSporthttps://www.hptautosport.com/
Hippo DealsAmazon
(customer has a website that is not in violation)
Concept Z PerformanceAmazon
(customer has a website that is not in breach)

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