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The Turbosmart Wastegate Actuators are an upgrade for turbochargers using an internal wastegate actuator. The Turbosmart range of Actuators benefit from years of external wastegate control development and provide better control for a wider tuning window & greater accuracy. The greater surface area of the Turbosmart IWG range ensures high level of mechanical leverage and offers a huge range of spring options from 3psi, up to 26psi – Much More can be easily achieved with some external boost control.

 Turbosmart Internal Wastegate Actuator’s are manufactured from Billet Aluminium, utilising stainless steel rods & fasteners for long, trouble-free service life and use the same proprietary Silicon Nomex Diaphragms from our External Wastegates so you can be confident in their thermal performance and reliability.

Single Port

The standard and the simplest for Internal Wastegate Control. Turbosmart’s range of single port Internal Wastegate Actuators provides class-leading leverage over a huge range of spring options (3psi – 26psi). Available for a wide range of bolt-on applications for common performance cars, upgrade turbo’s and of course universal for custom fitment – Turbosmart Single Port Internal Wastegate Actuators will give you the control, consistency & confidence you need.


Twin Port Actuators are a development of the Single port architecture and allow boost reference to both sides of the actuator diaphragm. Offering the same springs options, thermal performance, and reliability – this extra port can allow for a much wider tuning window & allows a more precise boost control method, when used with more advanced boost & torque management strategies. The Turbosmart Twin Port actuators series is the ultimate actuator for boost control on internal wastegate turbo’s and is only limited by your imagination and control strategy.

or a much wider boost range between minimum boost and maximum boost than the single-tier control offered by conventional actuators. The Twin Port IWG-75 is ideal for traction limited applications, such as front-wheel drive street or drag racing vehicles.

Spares and Accessories

Looking for spare parts or servicable items for your Turbosmart product? Look no further. We carry everything to get ensure that your Turbosmart part is always running at its peak performance. Turbo seal constant tension clamps and additional springs specially designed to work with your Turbosmart products.