BlackBox Electronic Wastegate Controller

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BlackBox by Turbosmart is a dedicated electronic wastegate controller with various factory, aftermarket, and Motorsport ECUs. The BlackBox protects from the current demands and translation of basic and more advanced boost control strategies into a gate position and can be used on single or twin electronic wastegate systems for the ultimate boost control.  

The BlackBox is a Dual Channel, current Capable H-Bridge Driver for use with the Turbosmart range of Electronic External Wastegates, including the StraightGate50, as well as our Electronic poppet style gates, including CompGate40, HyperGate45, ProGate50 and PowerGate60 electronic Wastegates. The BlackBox is capable of multiple strategies and will accept PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) inputs as used for traditional boost control solenoids, 0-5v position target, CAN position target and CAN bus override for more advanced ECUs where control strategy can be developed natively.  

The Blackbox provides for auto-calibration of Electronic External Wastegates via a full sweep and includes over-temperature safety features using the temperature sensor inputs. The BlackBox is pre-configured with the flow vs. lifts calibration data of all Electronic Actuatuated Wastegates from Turbosmart for simple setup and accurate boost control. Settings can be adjusted via a simple USB connection and PC-based application, and unlimited control strategies can be implemented with the CAN-based override system, where your strategy is limited only by your ECU’s capability.  


Dual Channel High Current H-Bridge Outputs  

2 x Wastegate Valve Position Inputs (0-5v)  

2 x Wastegate Temperature Inputs (0-5v)  

2 x Frequency Inputs (Advanced Wastegate Position Encoder)  

PWM Target Position Input   

Analog 0-5v Position Target  

CAN Bus Position Demand Target  

CAN Bus Valve Area Target  

CAN Bus Programmable PID Mode Option  

Factory Loaded PID Calibration for all Turbosmart eGates  

Internal Over-Current Protection  

Internal Over-Temp Protection  

Auto Position Calibration  

Anodized Aluminium Housing  

34 Pin Superseal Connector

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