eBoost2 66mm Electronic Boost Controller (Black/Silver)

$699.94USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


Turbosmart eBoost2 allows the user to control, monitor, map and compensate boost. But eBoost2 is more than just a boost controller – it can also control water spray, methanol or nitrous injection, manage shift/warning lights and read/monitor RPM. The eBoost2 has been effectively controlling up to six stages of boost by gear, boost by rpm, boost by time, and more, up to 60 psi, for over a decade. All in a self-contained gauge pod, with an over-boost shutdown to keep your motor safe from harm. While eBoost2 is fitted with state-of-the-art software, it has been designed to be easy and logical.

Standard with 60psi max boost operating pressure (120 HP Version Optional), the eBoost2 is a complete Boost Management System with market-leading features and state-of-the-art software, eBoost2 is the one accessory all owners of turbocharged cars should have! Easy to use yet sophisticated and technologically advanced, the eBoost2 is equally at home in a street-going vehicle as it is in a top-level racecar.

Available in
60mm – Sleeper:TS-0301-1003
60mm – Black / Silver: TS-0301-1002
66mm – Sleeper: TS-0301-1011
66mm – Black / Silver: TS-0301-1013
60mm (4 Port) – Sleeper: TS-0301-1103
60mm HP120 – Sleeper: TS-0301-1120
60mm HP120 (4 Port) – Sleeper: TS-0301-1121

Billet Alluminium Housing
Australian Developed, Manufactured & Hand Assembled
Up to 6 Boost Settings, with
Boost by RPM
Boost by Time
Boost by Gear
Boost on Demand (Push to pass)
Turbosmart Gate Feature
RPM Compensation
Peak Hold / Max Boost Recall
Live Boost or RPM readout
Overboost Shutdown


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