BOV V-Band clamp assembly

$42.17USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


Turbosmart V-Band Clamp Assembly is the perfect solution for Turbosmart Plumb Back, Dual Port, Supersonic and Vee Port Pro BOVs. It ensures a secure connection between your Turbosmart Blow Off Valve (BOV) and your turbocharger or intercooler piping. The clamp has been designed to provide an easy, no-hassle installation experience by eliminating the need for welding flanges together. Additionally, its stainless steel construction ensures that it will not corrode over time, giving you peace of mind regarding performance and reliability. With Turbosmart’s V-Band Clamp Assembly, you can be sure that your BOV is securely connected at all times – so you can concentrate on maximizing your engine’s potential. Invest in Turbosmart V-Band Clamp Assembly today and get the most out of your BOV.

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Suits Turbosmart Plumb Back, Dual Port and Supersonic BOVs